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Yudu designs

You can YUDU!

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Hello Circlets! Kristen here today with a fabric Wow Wednesday!
If you haven’t been Yudu-ing, then I have to say, you are missing out on some creative fun! I will admit to being a little intimidated with the whole machine, but I have found that working with some Pre-Burned Screens has really made me more comfortable in the process. I am learning to flood the screen and use less ink to get my images onto the fabric, so there is less smearing and over-inking. Today I want to show you some of the fun fabric projects I have made using the Pre-Burned Butterfly Flutter Screen.
First, the basic look. I created this by simply inking Chocolate Ink onto a mustard colored shirt.

( A great big thank you to my daughter Alizabeth for being a sport and modeling these shirts for me!)  Simple and pretty, creates a nice image across the shirt.
Now, how about making a double colored image? You can do this with masking tape, two colors of ink, and the same screen.

First mask off all the other parts of the screen using masking or painters tape. I actually found that this works better on the back side of the screen, less ink gets on the tape. But don’t have this in my photos for this shirt.
Load your screen with White paint.

Then pull the paint across the screen, while it is still up off the T shirt.

Now push the screen all the way down and use your scraper and push that paint into the shirt, by again scraping with a medium pressure across the butterfly. The screen holds just the right amount of paint, and too much paint will smear the image.

Your white butterfly is now done.
Next, we’ll use Putty ink to make the swirls from the rest of the image.

Load your ink on the screen while up ( not pushed on the shirt) then push down and scrape with light force on the Tshirt- this image shows the masking tape on the reverse side, which works better.

Now gently pick up your Yudu Screen and WHALAH!!  This is subtle printing at it’s best!
Here’s what the shirt looks like.

You can mask off your designs to create shirts with endless color combos, in many colors. I also created a plain black shirt with 4 colors.
I simply masked off parts of the butterfly to create it in 3 colors.

Then continued on to add a Pink on top of the Fuschia and added in the swirl.

Here is the finished shirt.

Pretty, colorful, and fun! These shirts were not expensive- I found them in the Juniors section at Walmart for $4 each.  Now we have one of a kind shirts for school! To finish them off, run a medium iron over them for about 3 minutes and they will be set.
Ok- don’t go anywhere my favorite print is still to come.
You can mask off the screen and ink fabric, but what to use it for? well, I created a beautiful pincushion I hope you’ll love as much as I do.
First, mask and ink your screen with Olive ink.

Load your image, then press the screen down onto a small piece of fabric.

When it’s dry and you’ve ironed it, use spray mist to color your fabric. I used Tattered Angels Dragonfly and Key Lime colors, with a little Sage green Maya Road Mist.
Again, let that dry, then turn right sides together, sew a square, then stuff and embellish!

My pincushion turned out great. I used bits of spray misted lace, one cotton lace to roll into a flower, buttons, craft store stems ( berries and glitter stems) even a couple fancy pins in teal to decorate.

You could make your own beautiful fabric by printing multiple butterflies all over a plain piece.

I used hot glue to embellish my pincushion, you could also stitch your embellishments into place. I also hot glued a couple of mini spools to some large pins after I spray misted them a medium brown.
Thank you for checking out my Yudu project today, I hope it inspires you to create something!!

Yudu Machine
Pre-Burned Butterfly Flutter Screen
Ink- Chocolate, Putty, White, Fuschia, Pink, Lime, Orange, Olive
Buttons, lace, floral stems, twine, pins, etc…- craft supply
Hot Glue Gun- Glue Arts

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