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You can Yudu!

Jul 12 2012

WhooHoo you can YUDU!!

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Hey, Circlet friends! Kristen here today with a YUDU post. I know, it’s been a while since I’ve shared something created with my Yudu, and I’m sad about that. I love Yudu-ing. I keep trying to get my children’s teachers at school to let me print them up some AWESOME screen printed T-Shirts. but so far no one has asked. Hopefully next year I can get ahead of them and see if one of the clubs will create some!
Today, I decided to show you a colorful and easy way to screen your favorite designs.

I decided to use a Pre-made screen , and I did mask off some of the screen. I simply used some clear packing tape, as that is what sticks really well. When you mask off your screen, you’ll want to make sure to mask the back side of the screen. This way you won’t be pulling against the tape and pulling it when you squeegie the paint.
Here is my screen in the Yudu and the three paints I used to create the fun little bag.

After putting your screen and bag into place, place your color on the screen, making sure you have a good amount.  Then lift your Yudu with the screen and flood fill your screen. This fills the empty holes with color, and prepares it to go onto your item.

Now pull your squeegie over the image with paint still on it, with a firm pressure. You can see that the colors barely blend and touch nicely. I try to put colors next to each other that would make a nice blend.

Here is what your print looks like.

Isn’t that neat! I decided to dress it up a bit with glitter, then added a couple gems for the crown and a black pearl eye with fabric glue

now, I did want to try to use the Yudu glitter and glue technique, so I created a T-Shirt as well, first with my multi color technique. ( when the technique didn’t work, I used fabric glue to glitter the bird) please read on..

And you can see how the screen turned out. ( even though I goofed and put purple and orange together- it did not blend to a yucky brown). shew!! :)

Not knowing if the glue would work, I tried it out on my T-Shirt. The glue works best through a 70 mesh screen, but I wasn’t sure what my screen was.
After I squeegied my glue through, I put on the pink foil ( foil, flock and glitter are all applied with the same Yudu Adhesive) I followed the directions and ironed it, but…

the mesh was too fine and didn’t hold some of the foil. Now you might think it’s ruined, but I say, it’s an artistic challenge, so I took my fabric glue and I swirled and painted with it around the foil and glittered. I think the shirt turned out great. My daughter loves it and it’s quite eye catching!
There you go. Hope you have enjoyed my little multi-color technique today!

Designed by: Kristen Swain
Cricut Machines Used: Yudu Machine
Yudu Supplies Used: Yudu Silver Gliitter, Yudu Pink Foil, Yudu Brights Ink, Yudu Secondary Ink, Yudu Preburned Symphony Screen, Yudu Preburned Butterfly Flutter Screen, Yudu Adhesive
Other Supplies: Fabric Glue, Gems, Pearl Gem

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