Monday, September 2, 2013

Halloween treats

Hello Friends! I have two fun Chex treats that are sure to please your little goblins.
This Chex mix is fun and perfect for Halloween treats- for class or friends/coworkers. I know my kids have taken this to school and gotten raves from friends and teachers.

You'll need
1 box Rice Chex mix
1 1/2 blocks of Almond Bark- can find this at the Walmart. Yes, one whole and one half package, I like my chex well covered with the melted candy.
1 cup of yellow/orange/brown M&M's. I sorted mine, didn't take long- get the kids to sort while you heat up the bark.
I bag of Candy corn
1 container of halloween sprinkles
Melt the Almond bark in the microwave. I use a giant glass bowl- mine almost is to big for the micro. I heat it on high about 1 min. stir- go for another minute and stir. until it's melted, I get it pretty hot, so be careful. Then I stir in the box of Chex, and I 'fold' the cereal over and over until it's coating well. Add in the M&M's, then get some parchment paper over a couple cookie sheets and spread the mix out until it fills the trays. I work fast and sprinkled on the Candy corn and sprinkles. Let it cool and store in ziplocs or plasticware to keep the moisture out. This makes enough to fill 2 gallon ziplocs.

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