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Spooky Treats

Oct 22 2011

Day Six: Spooky Treats

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Hello Circlets, Kristen here with some fun and yummy treats for your Halloween fest. I have included two ways to create these sweet and fun desserts, so I hope that you will try them and see! The reactions will surely be SHRIEKS and SCREAMS over how darling these little cupcakes are.

I have used a mini bundt pan to bake off my simple yellow cake mix batter. You could totally do these pumpkins with regular cupcakes as well. I like the way the bundt rounds over at the top and bottom, but you could do this as well by cutting off the tops of two cupcakes.

For my regular icing Jack O’Lantern, I took and iced the whole cupcake, I found it easier to set into place and then work the icing from bottom to top, then smoothed it out and left the ridges to look like the pumpkin ridges.
PS- this is not even homemade icing, I bought store bought and tinted it a nice orange.

I dabbed a bit of icing on my plate under the cupcake liner, it kept it in place for me. Once I was done icing my pumpkin I began searching through my Cricut Cake books to find a fun face. But I didn’t have one, so I decided that it’s pretty easy to create one of my own. I used the Cake Basics Cartridge, and found some perfect pieces to use for my pumpkin. This cart has ovals, circles, stars, and more to create your ultimate face. I cut some brown fondant with a couple triangles and even a border shape perfect for his mouth.

Then I rolled some green fondant into a rope, cut off a thick piece and used it for his stem. Then rolled the rope thinner and made some vines, and lastly found a cute leaf shape on the cart to cut out and added those leaves to his vines. ONE Cute and Adorable Jack O’Lantern cupcake done.
If you have more fondant you’d like to create your cupcakes with, why not cover the whole cupcake? You need to add a bit of buttercream to your cupcake for the fondant to stick, and all I did was to fold all the edges in toward the middle of the pumpkin top.

That created the pumpkin creases for me, and I pinched off the excess fondant. Next I used the same basic shapes and fondant rope then cut out the same leaves to finish my fondant Jack O’Lantern. You will need to use either shortening or icing to stick on your fondant shapes to the fondant pumpkin.

And lastly- an adorable little ghostie that will make you SHIVER with delight.

I simply draped the fondant over his cupcake body and added two circles and a tear drop for his sweet face.

So easy and so very cute. I hope you will try to take the time this Halloween and create a delightfully spooky treat!!
Boo to you!!!  :)

Cricut Cake Machine
Cake Basics Cartridge
  • Plain Shadow Blackout- cut at 0.5 inches in brown fondant
  • Plain Shadow Blackout- cut at 0.5 inches in brown fondant
  • Plain Shadow Blackout- cut at 0.5 inches in brown fondant for nose
  • Plain Shadow Blackout- cut at 0.75 inches in brown fondant for eyes ( cut 2x)
  • Plain Shadow Blackout- cut at 1 inch in brown fondant for mouth
  • cut in green fondant at 0.75 and 1 inch sizes about 4 leaves of each size for pumpkin.

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