Monday, September 2, 2013

Pin Jar

Hey all, I thought I'd share a fun pin jar I created a long while ago. I didn't create it for a call, or for a team assignment. and the funny thing is, I've just been waiting to share it, not any special reason to or not to share.
So here it is- isn't this darling. so spring like and pretty!

I used tons of felt stuff and ribbons. The felt flowers are from Pebbles. I wrapped the jar in plain felt- from papertrey. and I used some american crafts and may arts ribbons on it.
I even added some of these cute flair buttons from Pebbles too.
Here's the top. I folded some white felt and wrapped and wrapped and hot glued along the way to make the 'cushion' part of it.
Know what?
the best part- it's a jar, you can twist the lid off and put ribbons or buttons or thread in it- cute hunh?

see ya soon!

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