Monday, September 2, 2013

Adorable Stuffed Raccoon

sorry ya'll, I just have been soooo stinkin' busy the last couple weeks. Seriously. I start the month out with 5 or 10 things on my project list, then I volunteer for a few things, get a couple more assignments, fill in for a fellow DT member who needs to take unexpected time off, and BLAM!! the next thing I know, I've got more then 20 items on my list. NOW, I am sooooooo not complaining. I mean, I get paid for this stuff, and it's my pleasure to have this as an actual job now, not just a hobby. But I neglect my blog, I neglect myself, and I get antsy.  I want to create things that I can't fit into my list of projects.
At night, when the girls are finishing homework or getting chores done. I'm fixing dinner and I'll get on pinterest a couple times a week. That's when I get so inspired! I've been really into fabric projects lately. and then, I think, well, I guess I'm gonna have to put off creating that until I have time. Which, sometimes can be a whole month! Sometimes I just have to create it, and I'll put my assignments aside, just so I can get the thoughts of it out of my head. It's that whole, moving on thing with me. I think the creation of something I am excited to make takes up too much space in my head, and once it's inside there it doesn't let me have enough space to create around.
I love when I can actually create things for an assignment! that works out best, because I can make it work and still make something I am excited about.

I used my Cricut Expression to cut this Raccoon out for a project on the Official Cricut Blog. I LOOOOVE how he turned out, and I love that he's sooo dang CUTE!!
When I was selecting the Fat Quarters in the store to create him, I just really loved that brown floral print, and matched the rest of the colors to him. Now, Fat Quarters are about $1.50, so I made him for less then $10. Plus I still have PLENTY of fabric left over, I will definitely be using for more projects, which kind of means they will be 'free' of cost!
So, back to choosing, when I got these colors, I was not thinking that Annalise would be totally SMITTEN with him, and then as I was looking for a nice background for him, realized how well he completely matches her room.

See? Isn't he perfect. Btw- she named him Rocky! :)
and yes, just in case you are curious, her pillows are made from handkerchiefs that you can pretty much buy at any craft store. Both girls have them on their beds, and I personally think they are perfect for tweens/teens because hey- they are SUPA cheap- $1 each, and what I do is buy two colors that match their rooms. Then I stitch around the hanky about 2 inches in from the edge in a square. I stuff that and then I stitch the outer most edges together. Now they have a cute pillow that matches, and they can flip it to either color. Annalise has dark pink/orange and lime/yellow. Alizabeth has lilac/blue and lime/turquoise.

So I hope you like my project, which is like two projects today, and no promises, but I hope I'll be back soon!!

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