Monday, September 2, 2013

Creative Canvas

hello, it's been so long readers. Well, I've been so busy with end of year stuff this year, it's been supa crazy! Crazy I tell ya. And the things on the bottom of the list get knocked off first, so I haven't gotten much chance to blog. Hoping during the summer I can change that a bit. I have a lot to share.
Today we're hopping to design team members blog between the Glue Arts team and the Want2Scrap team, how fun!
I have this project to share with you

Pretty hunh? You can go to the Glue Arts blog and get all the materials and some quick instructions to replicate my canvas. I thought I'd just share the pretty bits here.

one more

From me you can jump toooooo.......
Wendy Morris
AJ Otto
Trudy Sjolander
and here is a link to the Want2Scrap blog as well.
tata for now!

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