Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am in love with three men...

 snowmen that is.....actually make that four.. hubby always counts!...

ok ok, don't tell my hubby, but these sweet little snowman jars I made yesterday STOLE my heart. I love them. Don't they look like you'd spend a fortune at the store buying them? Can you believe that two of them are 'trash' jars and one is an old bell canning jar? Seriously. I added in some cheap glitter, a couple sticks from the yard, some very inexpensive styrofoam balls and various embellies to make them into these wonderful pieces.

And didn't I promise more projects with my incredibly beautiful crinkled seam binding. I used one length and created these three jars, so if you are buying it, please make sure you hop over to my Etsy store and check out my items for sale.

I know my pics are a little dark, I am hoping that it helps show the detail I put into them. Each topper is different from the others, which makes the trio even more adorable. First of all, I was distracted at the craft store- can you blame me- after all, it's like creation station heaven for me. So I was buying too many styrofoam balls and I put back a pack I needed, I ended up with only a single pack of same sized balls. So what does a girl do? She makes do with what she has instead of running out to christmas crazy shopping once again. I bought those smooth styofoam balls, and since they were all one size, I tried to figure out a different way to alter them to make them into something usable and cool. Cool being number 1 on my list! :)

what I did was to take my fingernail and dig into the styrofoam and basically dig out chunks of styrofoam. This gave the ball that really fun just packed snow look. Then I rolled the ball around on the table a bit to smooth it out a little. ( you can also use the point of scissors- cause my fingers got sore quickly)

 I used my Glue Arts Hot Glue gun, and I glued the snowmen together and onto the jar lids. While I was at the store- with my hubby who really really really really REALLY dislikes glitter ( because he always seems to end up wearing bits of it) I found cheapie bags of Buffalo Snow Snowflakes- this stuff is like chunky glittery iridescent snow  that comes in mondo big bags. Perfect for altered snow stuff, I got some - meanwhile hubs is FREAKING out- thinking I'm going to sprinkle this stuff around the house or under his pillow or something.

So I used some liquid glue- just craft glue stuff, and spread it around the bottom of the snowman and the jar lid. and some bottoms of jars, more on this later.

THEN, after I let that dry a bit, I brushed the craft glue all over the snow men, and sprinkled them with clear crystal glitter. So they'd be extra sparkly.

At that point, I let them dry. Then the next day, I had my youngest go stick hunting in the yard, she did a great job and found all these little snowman arms just lying out there on the ground. heh heh heh.  I inserted their arms and sealed it with more hot glue, then I added their chalk pink cheeks and eyes and mouths with a black sharpie pen. I also bought a block of Sculpey clay in tomato red and created a whole bunch of carrot noses and baked them, then hot glued them on as well.
From there, it was just a matter of decorating them and the jars as I pleased.

I used Cosmo Cricket music paper, some Teresa Collins bling gems and stars, some cheapo tinsel pipe cleaners and some Pink Paislee tinsel ribbon, some craft store berry stems and iridescent mini snowflake ornaments,  silver jingle bells, a couple buttons, my ETSY STORE crinkled ribbon,  some cream felt, twine, an old felt stocking mini ornament, and some Girl's Paperie stickers.

After everything was glued and set, I took my heat gun and heated it up, then used it on each snowman, it gets rid of those glue strings you get. I also loved how it crinkled up that Buffalo Snow, and made it less messy, so I took the gun and heated all the snow up to get it smoother on my jars.

Seriously- look at that face, isn't he darling? I hope you have enjoyed my post today! Come back tomorrow for a last project before Christmas!

Oh before I go, yes, these jars are functional. I had some mint lifesavers- love them cause they are white, and put them in the jars, the lids can still be twisted on an off. However, you could use some glittery tiny silver ball ornaments, those clear and frosted glass discs in the floral aisle at the store, or anything you'd rather include so that no one tries to open the jars.

Happy Holidays! xoxo to you all!


Michelle said...

This is without a doubt one of the most creative projects I have seen!! These are awesome!!! So so cute!!!

Kelly Massman said...

How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jodi said...

These guys are soooo adorable!!

onescraphappymomma said...

I love these guys! What a great idea for teacher gifts for next year, fill with a little candy and boom - great cheap gift! Awesome!

Denise said...

I LOVE these! I have been collecting fun jars and Christmas trinkets for the last 2 years to do a project like these.... Thanks for the great ideas. I hadn't thought of all the details! I found some fluffy, soft snowballs I was planning to use for the heads but wasn't sure what to do for the carrot noses.... love the ones you made!


ScrappyMama said...

Adorable! I LOVE the way you carved the styrofoam ball to look like packed snow...and it does!! Your poor hubby probably won't sleep well till he sees that empty glitter bag go out into the trash (never know when you might sneak some glitter under his pillow ;) !)

NanaBeth said...

Absolutely adorable!

Kristie Maynard said...

These are so stinkin' adorable, I can't stand it!!! I don't think I have time to make any before Christmas, but I really want to make some. I have some of that snow too, although here in Buffalo, I don't think it's called that. LOL! These would make the cutest gifts for neighbors and casual friends. Just adorable!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!