Friday, February 12, 2010

Another year older..

Hopefully- another year better. Today is my birthday- I turn 29- again- HAHAHA!! Actually I'm 36 but don't feel it. I have heard many friends say that once they hit 40, they have acquired a self assuredity that they wouldn't give up to be younger again. I am understanding that- tho- I think I'd give up the almost 40 body that also goes with it! LOL!
I made a quick card last night, again, LOVE the corrugated cardboard, so I used a block on my card. You can find this stuff anywhere, so it's a great way to recycle and add dimension to you work, pretty much for free!
For the card, I used a white card base, added the block of corrugated, see yesterday's post on how to get most of the top piece off the cardboard. I took a piece of pink fabric, frayed the top and bottom and added a block of Bobunny Persusasion collection to it. I tore, crumpled then kinda pleated my bottom dot strip ( bobunny kitchen spice collection), then added a piece of the pink fabric that had been sewn to the edge. ( This is another recycled bit, the fabric came from a holder that tore through and I kept the fabric to reuse) I added a button and twine on the fabric ( big surprise hunh?) then finished the card with popped up K&Co chipboard glitter hearts ( got that box from Tuesday Morning for $1) and some Reminisce letter stickers.

We played in the snow a bit yesterday, the girls were fascinated with the icicles dripping from the roof. They each had to have them. Annalise decided that having me break them wasn't enough and was throwing snowballs at them to break them down from the roof.

We made a small snowman, as it was getting pretty wet and we were all soaked from goofing off in the snow. He is adorable, small and skinny, with an icicle nose, black cap eyes and Annalise's scarf.
The icicles got bigger and bigger all day, this is one of the longer ones, but not even the longest! They look a little scary they are so sharp , but so pretty with that bright sun shining through them.
The kids have been out of school all week. I'm dreading how much extra they will have to make up at the end of the year. I think with all the melting yesterday, we shouldn't have any trouble from this storm by the time they go back, but we are supposed to get one more storm on Monday, hopefully which won't be bad and we can be finished with snow this year!

Have a terrific day!


akagreenhouse said...

Happy Birthday, Kristen! I have had many anniversaries of my 29th birthday, too. Many more than you, but we won't go into that. LOL I hope you have a wonderful day willed with lots of laughter and love...and some time to do what you want. Cathy

akagreenhouse said...

I need to proofread before I enter. I hope you have a wonderful day FILLED with lots of laughter and love... and my previous comment may have provided some of the laughter! Have a fabulous day.