Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

Are you a big Valentine's person? I have to admit, I enjoy the 'holiday' but I'm only about half into it. I'm like any girl, love being romanced, but my hubby and I try to spend time year round being romantic, and don't put a lot of effort into just this one day for each other, there is usually cards, a nice meal and perhaps a sweet treat for me. ( With having always had my birthday two days before Valentine's, I cherish bday cakes without pink or red! LOL!!)

But I do love to get my girls some sort of small gift, and DEFINITELY chocolates! I'll make some nice cards to give them, they always keep the handmade ones somewhere up in their rooms for a few months, and they love any kind of presents.

I have spent the day making cards, I didn't mean to make all these cards, but in the process of making them, I kept making embellishments that didn't fit, so I'd put them aside and finish my card, only to have to make another to use up the other embellie. It worked out ok tho, I had fun playing with my small stack of papers and this box of chipboard from K&co.

So let me tell you about them. First this card, a vertical card, love making these, with some Bobunny Love Bandit scrap, and a bit of paper from a company new to me called Kiki Art.
I cut this strip paper with deco scissors, notice the awesome glitter on the paper, and trimmed the edges with the top and bottom of the card.
Next I added this K&Co chipboard glitter heart, adding a small office supply tag, that had been walnut inked, and I added a K&co rubon to for the greeting. I used a Bobunny glittered brad, a small mulberry flower and a tiny twine bow underneath. ( L@@K!! no buttons on this card- sweating bullets- but I managed not to put one on there!!)

Next, this card is backed with some of another sheet of Kiki Arts paper, adding Bobunny Persuasion paper to the back of a paper doily heart. I also added this heart and arrow ( they were separate) from K&Co, backing the heart with a bit of the background paper. I couldn't do it- I had to add the button and twine to this. For that cute ruffle at the bottom, I tore a piece of Persuasion paper ( Bobunny) and crumpled it up- then I added some tape to the card, adding the border strip on in a ruffled way, trying to keep it straight. I love this look- you'll see it again and again for a bit. I added a Mrs. Grossman's sticker greeting on a piece of paper sticking out from the heart.

A touch of peach added in - only because it matched so well with these two heart pieces. I added one smaller heart onto another with foam tape- then took and made a fabric flower with some cheapie pink denim fabric I had. I put the button on there- yeah- I did! Then I punched a couple leafy stems to go behind the flower. I added the heart and flower block to a piece of corrugated cardboard, trimming the edges with a corner rounder. I also put on a piece of the KiKi Art paper, trimming the edges with my scallop scissors, I trimming the peachy cardstock as well with a corner rounder. For my greeting I added a torn strip of peach cardstock, and added another small heart chip with some Reminisce sticker letters.

This was actually my first card of the day. It's all your fault card, yeah, I'm talking to you, allll youuuur fault!!!
I was playing with my scrap of cardboard, and got out my container of chips from K&Co, I fooled around with placement, adding the letters ontop and over the heart, and sandwiching the cardboard in the middle, and LOVED IT! I used some Coredinations cardstock for the background. I added a strip of that glittery KiKi Art paper, then added the heart block overtop a white paper doily. I finished it with two Bobunny brads. IRL the colors match a lot better, but aren't perfect- I'm happy with it that way anyway. And look- another card without a button!! I'm improving!

The last card I'm sharing today, turned out so stinking cute- even though it's one of the plainest cards I've made in a while. First, I took and made a card with tan cardstock. I also had had this brown dot cardstock (bobunny) accordion rosette made, and I grabbed it up. The K&Co chipbox had these flowers, and of course I wanted to play, well, I layered them and added a button, adding them to the top of the rosette. THEN it got fun. I crumpled a simple scrap of this beautiful pearlized pink paper- I think it's Bazzill? crumpled it and added it to my card in a wrinkly style to look like ribbon ( it actually looks and feels a bit like fabric.) On top of that- I added a brown dot cardstock punched border- my martha eyelet punch, which I crumpled and added in a smoother line. I added a teeny tiny Mrs. G greeting sticker and then just rounded that top corner. Done and cute!!

Have a great weekend!


Caryl P said...

Wow, these cards are all so beautiful! I love the embelishments and all the different details. Hope you had a happy birthday!

Juliana said...

what cute cards Kristen! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

Morgaine said...

awesome cards! I too like making cards for valentine's day, though the actual holiday itself is "eh" for my hubs and me. Also, Happy Birthday! (yesterday)