Thursday, February 11, 2010

Digging out

well, I'm sure you've heard or been part of this crazy winter weather. In Maryland, I think we got another 12+ inches on top of the 2+ feet, so we're definitely feeling the freeze. The weather was frightful yesterday into last night, howling winds and blowing snow. Of our 5 large trees, we lost one small limb! not too bad considering. I thought I'd share our crazy pretty icicles with you.
This one was first thing as the sun was coming up.

This one icicle is at least 4 feet long, if it doesn't break, I bet it will reach the ground by the end of today.
Just another shot, all these pretty icicles, they are really dripping now with the sun out!
ok- one of the great things about working for companies who have gorgeous product, is making things above and beyond your team duties. I used my scraps from my Pink Paislee CHA projects to create with the other day.

I am back into that corrugated trend, just had a nice piece I got from a curtain package, and I've been cutting it up and playing with it.
To tear off the top piece, start at the edges, and once you can't do that anymore- take your scissors and kind of run the edge over the top paper, along one of the corrugated valley's, cutting through the top part, but not the bottom. Then you can tear more off.
I used bits of the 365 collection from Pink Paislee to make this card, love that pleated ribbon and the distressed letters.

I also played around with this cork fronted notebook. I used the rubons and added that to the front cover, the cork took them beautifully! I added a punchout, and made a flower with a piece of the red pleated ribbon, adding a bella brad to the center, and cutting out two leaves. I punched holes into half of a journal spot, adding it to my spirals, then using letter stickers to add the word notes. I added a button to the O, then tied on a couple more buttons to the last spiral with twine. I added a stamped and fussy cut hand to finish.

Have a lovely warm day!

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Melanie said...

Beautiful card. I know this won't mean as much - but we NEVER EVER had snow and we'll have some here in just a few hours! Woohoo! Little Miss will actually get to make her first SNEAUX ANGEL!! She's 8 and we've never had anything but a dusting since 2001!!!