Saturday, September 13, 2008

what to share what to share

Had a couple things I could share today, but since i wanta keep you coming back, I'm only sharing one.


Sharing this treat box that was up on Bobunny's blog, it's actually a pencil box, that I've altered.

I sent it in to A's teacher, she about fainted in her seat when she opened it and feasted her eyes on the outrageous amount of chocolate chip cookies I sent in to her.

All the products on this are Bobunny, cept for the tiny letter stickers and the Bazzill paper borders. don't you just love those funky cute letters- they are way old stash- but I think they've gotten new life here- and I certainly have been wanting to now use them way more. Under the letters I stamped with some Bobunny Journal stamps as well.

inside of the box here.

didn't want to do anything that might get ripped off in event of serious chocolate cravings, or that might get squished or do some squishing of the goodies I send.

Yep- I did write to send it home so I can refill it, wouldn't you know- I got it back that night *wink* LOL!

1 comment:

Deb said...

What a great fun idea!

My son's teacher who doesn't eat sweets would not love this, but my daughter's teacher - well, let's just say I've found my next altering project! Thanks! She'll love it!

And, as a teacher, I'd love it!