Friday, September 12, 2008

Serious Decadence

Did some muffin making last night.
yeah- I used mixes.
they rock
I don't have to measure or gather a bunch of ingredients, it took me 2 minutes to make them,

and I'm mom of the moment for making another yummy treat, best that it makes for a quick bfast for the girls before heading off to school this morning.
I had the oven on, so I made blueberry with crumb topping-
I am so spoiled on crumb toppings, I must have the crumbly goodness on all muffins! :)
then I made cinnamon swirl, with crumbs and icing-

oh. my. gaw.

warm them in the nuker for 10 seconds, it's like all those delicious candles smell, in a bite.

Did I mention- I gave almost all our cookies away from the beginning of the week- so having another fresh treat is yum-o.
I've sent a few of these on to the teachers, I'll get hate mail at the end of the year for that extra 10 pounds they put on.

Better them then ME! LOL!

Someone at school brought in store bought cupcakes, A told me they weren't very good, suggested I buy the containers- and make homemade to send in for her bday- then everyone will think they were store bought-
apparently there is a thing with this district - no homemade items. what a shame. I could tell stories about things Ive seen in those store bakeries. But not everyone is as meticulous as I am, and I understand the idea.

So I told you I was keen on making some more of these cute flower stuck trees, well
I made another one yesterday- fall like- cause I had these scraps in my bucket o' and thought I could do one more country homey style.
it turned out ok- sweet - but not on the ranking of the first pink/teal tree I did.

DH (in a very nice way) told me the shape resembles those old air freshener things- that it looks like I made a cozy for one.

I don't think he's melted yet from my icy glare.

who says I can't take criticism. phhht.

I decoupaged the circles on the little pot- they wanted to pull off- so I glued the snot out of them and now they are all nicely adhered on.

the papers are bobunny, from the calendar collection. then I used a buncha buttons- some bobunny dot ribbon and some twine i seem to have to use on every project.



Ann said...

Yumm-y!!! Those muffins look SO good.

That little tree is SUPER cute! Love it! :D

Rosanne said...

I think the tree is cute and I love the other one below too! And isn't crumb tupping yummy?