Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Monday

it's going to be an exciting week already I can tell.
I won card of the week over at 2sketches4you!! how kewl is that!

plus A got a letter this week nominating her for People To People - a government program sponsoring her for an international exchange program, she'd be given the opportunity to go to Australia this year for 15 days to do lots of awesome stuff, including swim in the Great Barrier Reef, go to the Australia Zoo, learn about Aboriginal People, even stand on the winners podiums in the Olympic Stadium.

proud of that girl- I tell ya!

also this week- Annalise's bday- lil stinker is gonna be 7 already- where did the time go?

which means that Sat we are doing a party for her- just a small quick affair- since we just had that summer blast PAR- TAY.
I'm going to try a new cake recipe- and frosting recipe- hopefully all will go well and we'll have lots of yumminess this week.

I'm sharing a project I made for my flair highlight- most of my flair projects have been picked up- so I can't share them.
this sweet frame is made from a generic wood frame, i painted black, then crackled with cream paint. when it was dry I inked brown dye ink all over it. I love how old and well used it looks! gonna try that when I do some house projects- wouldn't that be great on a cool dresser!

inside I addededed -- LOL- lots of schtuff.
flair pp- a piece of bobunny scrap that i cut into that bracket shape, then a piece from flair's label paper. bobunny swirl of chipboard, some apple blossom flowers, with twine and button, flair paper lace, a crumpled heart, obligatory buttons, and more of those teeny tiny letters.
this was my first frame I've done like this- am so pleased with how it turned out!

have a great monday! i'm off to walk off some calories from all the sweets eaten and to be eaten this week!


Melanie said...

Kris - my son got that letter, too. I didn't do anything - I thought it was a scam or something. Can you tell me more about it?

carolann said...

Absolutely stunning work hun WTG xxxx