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Unmeltable Snowman

Make an Unmeltable Snowman

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Hello! Kristen here with a fun home decor project for your Christmas and Winter holiday decorations.

How about creating a tiered stacking snowman? He’ll never melt and he’ll last for years and years!

To make my snowman, I needed cardstock, Echo Park’s Everybody Loves Christmas paper collection, felt, buttons, a little strip of ribbon, white fabric paint,  sewing thread to match felt colors,  some silver tinsel, some black spray paint, chalk and a hot glue gun as well as my Cricut and Winter Woodland cartridge.

First of all I left my paper mache boxes the original kraft color,  because I knew I was going to add ‘snow’ to my winter scenes and wanted it to stand out against the background.  Second, I took and hot glued a smaller round box upside down to the top of my snowman head box, this box is about 5 inches. The snowman body is about 8″, 10″ and 12″ inches around.  Then I took the snowman hat ( the topmost box and lid to second box) and spray painted them black gloss, and let them dry well. Then I wrapped a green ribbon around the brim and hot glued it into place. I also added a bit of ‘snow’ with white fabric paint.  Then I added a layered holly bunch and highlighted it with fabric paint.

For his face, I used my chalk and cotton puffs to make his rosy cheeks. Then I hot glued on his two button eyes, and some buttons for his smile.  For his carrot nose, I cut out and sewed a basic tall triangle shape, leaving the large end open, then I turned it inside out, and stuffed it, then sewed the large end closed. I hot glued his nose into place and highlighted the carrot with orange sharpie marker.

For his middle and bottom, I first tore white cardstock and glued it into place along the bottom edge.  For the top woodland scene, I cut the trees from cardstock and hot glued them into place,  cut out several bunnies and squirrels and placed them randomly around the scene. I then took white fabric paint and created snow at the base of my trees along with topping them with some snow.

For the bottom houses scene, I cut out houses from various colors of cardstock and patterned paper along with several trees. I also topped the houses and trees with fabric paint.
To make his arms, I cut out basic mitten shapes from felt,sewed and turned them right side out,  stuffed them and left the end open.  Then I formed two opened ended rectangle like pieces,  sewed and turned them right side out, then stuffed them and finally sewed the two open ends together. Then I wrapped tinsel around the wrist part of the mitten. Then I hot glued them onto the lid of the largest box.
Finally I hot glued a length of green felt along the second box lid, and added a bit of extra felt with the edges fringed  for his scarf.

Cricut Expression
Cricut Winter Wonderland Cartridge
2.5 inches
2.5 inches
Layers -2.5 inches
2.5 inches, 3 inches
2.5 inches, 3inches, 3.5 inches
3 inches,  3 inches, Layers- 3 inches
3 inches,  3 inches, Layers- 3 inches
3 inches,  3 inches, Layers- 3 inches
3.25 inches,  3.25 inches, Layers- 3.25 inches
3.25 inches,  3.25 inches, Layers- 3.25 inches
1.5 inches, .75 inches  ( cut two, cut out along cut lines)
1.5 inches, .75 inches  < Rabbit-s> 1.5 inches, .75 inches.
Echo Park Everybody Loves Christmas paper collection
white fabric paint
felt- orange, black, kraft colors
dmc floss- orange, black, kraft colors
hot glue gun
black spray paint
I hope this snowman inspires you to create some of your own home decor.  Perhaps an elf, or a Christmas Moose? maybe even Santa himself! Happy Holidays!

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