Monday, September 2, 2013

Tie Dye Sharpie fun

Hey there! Wanna keep your kids occupied for hours? I mean HOURS!!  ok, first, I totally found this on Pinterest. I totally didn't pin it! I just saw the how-to and knew exactly how to do it.
Tie Dye with Sharpies! all you need is- well- a white shirt, Sharpies, alcohol (91% isopropyl alcohol) a cup, straw and elastic.
I cut Alizabeth's shirt into a crop shirt, she loves the colors and it's the hot look at school right now.

You take the shirt and place the cup inside under one layer, then use elastic ( the original post was rubber bands, we used extra stretchy hair bands) to wrap around the cup and keep the shirt in place over the top of the cup. BASICALLY you are doing circles in tie dye all over the shirt- hence- HOURS of fun for the kids.
Now that you have the shirt banded in place- just snugly- not tight.
 here is a link

you just make a random pattern using your Sharpies. Remember your color wheel and don't place complimentary colors together too closely- or you will get brown.
Now take your straw and grab some drops of alcohol- do the finger at the top thing to hold the liquid in the straw and drop it in the middle of the pattern. My girls had fun making random patterns to see how they would turn out on the shirt. The more alcohol you add to the outside edges, the more it blends out into the shirt.

Annalise's shirt we trimmed into the remake your shirt into a tank idea I also found on Pinterest. Cut off the sleeves, and cut off a straight line across the neckline and shoulders and stitch the neckline across to make a pocket on the front and back. Then trim off the bottom of the shirt and use the hem to make the neck line tie. Thread the hem through the two pockets and tie at one shoulder to remake. This looks adorable with a longer tank underneath, and I love that it's just in time for spring, she'll be able to wear this into summer.
Seriously- hours---- HOOOOOUUUURRRRSSSS. ( just make sure you have some air flow- the alcohol smell is a bit strong.

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