Monday, September 2, 2013

Snowman redo

Hi Circlets, Happy New Year!! Kristen here and I am sharing a fun new project with you today. Today is all about scraplifting.  With the Monthly challenge here today, we are scraplifting projects seen on the Circle Blog. I had shared my paper mache snowman decor box, and I was so totally smitten with him,  I decided to scraplift myself ( LOL!) and create another snowbuddy to sit beside him on my table.
Remember this guy?

I started out with the intention of doing a basic copy, but I got all crazy and totally did a different little guy.

First, I used four paper mache boxes, two that are 5 inches around, and two that are 3.5 inches around. I removed the lid of one of the 3.5 inch boxes, turned it over and then used hot glue to glue it to the lid of the other 3.5 inch box.  Then I spray painted it black.  I placed it on top of my other boxes and then hot glued all the lids to the to bottom of the box on top. This makes him more sturdy and less likely to fall apart when moving him.
Next I took white acrylic paint and a paint brush ( put him in a box) then splatter painted him all over. Again, I wanted the white of the cardstock I was planning on using to stand out.  To splatter I simply dunked my brush in the paint, and then used my finger to flick the paint off it and onto the boxes. Then let it dry.

I again used two button eyes and hot glued them on. I decorated them with a bit of white fabric paint to make the highlights. Then I used a small ball of Sculpey Clay in tomato red, and kind of rolled a thick to thin log, using a razor knife to create some ‘lines’ and cut the back off in a straight cut. This made my carrot nose,and I put some wiggle in it to look crooked  and I then baked it according to directions on the package. When it was dry and cool, I hot glued that to the snowman’s face. I also used the fabric paint and some chalk to make his rosy cheeks.

For his arms, I found a couple nice sticks from the yard, and trimmed them to size. I trimmed the bottoms at about a 45degree angle and hot glued them on.
To decorate him, I used my Martha Stewart Crafts Seasonal Cake Art cart and my Gypsy to weld together two Ice borders, then cut out 3 of them. Where they didn’t quite meet around the back once I glued them on, I used the third piece and cut small pieces to fit. I glued them onto the lids of the two larger boxes.  Then I glittered them with iridescent glitter.
Several days ago I aged some brass jingle bells and added them to a plastic cup, then added about a tablespoon of sea salt then covered the bells with white vinegar and let them set for a couple days. When they were antiqued looking enough, I rinsed them and air dried them. These are the bells I used on my snowman.
I cut out several snowflakes, and then hot glued them ( I used two cut snowflakes layered together) together onto some twine, added large clear gems to their centers, then added a single large snowflake and tied this all onto his hat. I tied a bow with the twine, added a group of three of the jingle bells and then tucked in a few  glittered craft stems from the floral section of the craft store.

On his arms, I tied on several bits of twine, and then again, layered on two matching snowflakes with the twine sandwiched in between. I then glittered the snowflakes with silver glitter and added a large clear gem to their centers.
For his buttons, I took some silver pipe cleaners and wrapped them around the black buttons. then tied on some twine to the jingle bells and glued them to the centers of the buttons.
Whether you stick close to the Inspirational Piece you choose to copy, or you go off in your own direction, I hope you enjoy creating for this challenge this month!

Cricut Expression
Gypsy Device
Martha Stewart Crafts Seasonal Cake Art
  weld 2 borders together to make a 10.5 inch border
cut at  6 at 1.62 inches tall
Winter Woodland
layers- 3.15 inches- cut 1
layers- 1.97 inches- cut 6
layers- 2.56 inches-  cut 4
layers- 2.39inches- cut 4
Teresa Collins Blingage glitter and gems
White Cardstock- American Crafts
Paper Mache boxes two 5 inch round and two 3.5 inch round
black gloss spray paint
buttons, twine, glitter stems, jingle bells, silver pipe cleanersm white acrylic paint- craft supply
Sculpey Clay- tomato red
Chalk- Pebbles

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Thanks so much! This is gorgeous.