Monday, September 2, 2013

Oh Snow!

yeppers - we got a storm this weekend. with all the ice we ended up having and the snow melting and re-icing, I'm glad it was the weekend. I gave the cats a bath- oh how they love those!- and since it's kinda cold for that, we made sure to tuck them on top of a towel with the heating pad under it, so they'd warm up and not get shivery.
here is a pic of my youngest- Annalise, looking warm and sedate in the freezy cold.  It was slippy on the driveway, so I just had the girls hold on the fence so they didn't fall on their butts!

This is a typical pic of Alizabeth, laughing and happy. She's going through some health issues right now. We finally got a diagnosis after almost 2 years. But we're strong of mind and we'll figure out how to get her back on the right track. I'm so very proud of both my girls, but Alizabeth is truly a special person.

Since it's a snowy day here, I thought I'd share a cute home decor snowman I created last year for the Circut Circle. If you'd like to sign up, you can join by clicking here- Cricut Circle

I created this little guy with paper mache boxes, some Cricut carts, glitter and other embellies.  He's kept in with my Christmas decor, so I was able to enjoy him while our decorations were out.

You can see he's got some antiqued bells, on the Circle blog I told how to re-create these with very little effort. It's one of the bonus's that you get- full instructions, cut files and even little extras like antiquing bells when you join.
Hope you have enjoyed my snowguy!

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