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Knifty Knitter

Mar 6 2011

Wearin’ O’ the Green

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Hello Circlets! Kristen here today with a fun Knifty Knitter project for you.  Wouldn’t you like to create your own green accessory to wear this St. Pat’s? Here is my daughter Alizabeth helping mom out and modeling this scarf for you. I used a soft yarn in a soft lime color, with the flowers in a deep gray with threads of white.
I created this fashion scarf with the small flower loom, following the general instructions and making the scarf as long as I liked. When it was complete, I finished the ends by looping 6 inch strands through holding both sides together (this loom makes a round tube scarf) so that my ends would be flat. You could certainly add your fringe all the way around to keep the ends open. To create the fringe, I fold a piece of yarn in half, then pull that folded piece through just enough to get the loop past the scarf, then I take the two ends and push them through my loop, that gives me a secure loop. When I have enough fringe, I trim off the uneven pieces.

To make the two flower clips on the scarf, use the loom again, this time, looping the yarn back and forth over the pegs, until you have at least 4 loops on each peg. ( for instructional purposes mine only has 2 loops so you could see the process.)

Next ( again- I created this to make it easier to see) you would use the same yarn in a 3 foot length, to start tying the yarn together in the middle. Loop onto the holding peg, then go between each loop of yarn pulling taut. This ties all the loose threads together. Remove from the flower loom and then tie a knot in the back.

Then hot glue a clip or pin on the back. I like that this clip could also be a hair clip too.

I then hot glued a large gem to the front, covering that stitched part.  Now you are ready to wear it!

Knifty Knitter
skein of yarn ( green and scraps of dark gray)
Gems- Teresa Collins
Hot glue
Hair clips

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