Monday, September 2, 2013

Halloween Ghouls

Hello my friends. Another not so crafty post today. I have been wanting to share my girls' Halloween costumes with you. Since Sandy had just hit us, and there was widespread damage to trees and power lines, our Halloween was postponed until Friday after Halloween. We settled for a quick jaunt around a close by neighborhood, since we don't actually live in one. ( which is perfectly fine with me!)
My girls are getting older, and cute, fun costumes are not desirable. Especially with Alizabeth obsessed with zombies. She thinks they are pretty cool, and often plays zombie hunting games on the game system. I think zombie makeup is cool too. I often wonder and think to myself, how much my life would be different if I had pursued makeup as a career. Not fashion makeup, horror makeup.   You might see some mistakes, but I have models who don't like me getting too close to their eyes, and I definitely don't have the 'correct' makeups for some use, but since we were just trick or treating,perfection wasn't a big deal. When the girls were younger, I loved painting their faces, and they loved it too, until I was done, then they wanted to scratch and couldn't, so less and less as they have gotten older have I been allowed to do it.
Annalise thought that going as a DOLL was pretty scary stuff. I mean, how many horror stories are focused on dolls. So here is my Doll Baby.

I love those big fake eyes, and the tiny little lips. She wore an old dress of Alizabeths, with dress shoes and crinoline at the bottom.  She looked great.
I have deliberately put Alizabeth second, so you can run away and chose NOT to look at her pic. I used a cheapie cheapie makeup kit and used the fake scar stuff to rough up her cheeks. I also used black paint mixed with the red blood to create a more realistic look. She has touches of green in the pale makeup, as well as two shades of red blood.
Here she is...

once we went outside, I took the rest of a tube of blood and oozed it down her arms and neck and hair. She loved it. She was quite scary and frightened many of her teenage friends.
Happy Hooooooowwwwllllloween!

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deb famularo said...

they look amazing! Glad I found your blog!