Monday, September 2, 2013

Halloween Decor Tealights

I have been creating and putting off finishing my halloween creations. When we moved here, I sold all my halloween decor, and haven't decorated for fall/halloween in a few years. I have recently over the past 2 years begun to miss it. I think I have drawn away from the fun/cutesy looking items into more, creepy, spooky items. You'll be able to see that with these creations, nothing cute about them. I seriously recommend shopping at the dollar store for some items. I found that just a simple spray of paint can create items you might spend a LOT more money on. So let me show you.

lots of filters here on this photo , let me snow you what I created.

First, the dollar store creepy (not!) plastic skull. and some NO longer colored bugs and spideys. Just take your items and place them in a box, take them and some  $.99 cheap black shiny spray paint outside, and spray away. I also glittered the skull with black glitter (Yudu glitter). Seriously good looking stuff, and for what- $2?  can't beat that with a stick.

I added some dollar store netting and spider webs. Check out that creepy spider, 2/$1!   Doesn't that skull look great. You should have seen the terrible paint job on him originally. Tip of the day- think about what else you could put a coat of paint on that would look like a much more expensive buy. Oh goodie, look at the pic I found, you can see the terrible skull, and how much nicer he looks now.

Look at my fun jars and tealights! Wanna see how those are made? Gonna be a long post today folks!
Let's start with the tea lights.
You'll need, two small fishbowls, two glass candlesticks, some alcohol inks, and some e6000 or craft goop ( silicone adhesive.

Originally I had planned on multiple colors, but I only ended up using Black, Red, and Purple.
Place some plastic down, so your inks don't ruin your surface.

Using black, run droplets of ink at top of glass, then let them slide down into the bottom of the glass.
Do the same thing with the candle stick.

Now add purple, letting it drip and blend.

On the outside of the glass, you'll want to put the red. You don't want it to mix with the purple and black.

Now let them dry. Then you put the glass bowl on top of the candlestick with the Craft Goop. Let that dry, insert your tealight and enjoy your spooky candle tealights!

Like this idea? How about using some glass jars- spaghetti, salsa, cheesewhiz, etc.. You just need clean glass jars, some fun spooky stuff, craft goop, black paint, some black beads, and some more glass candleholders.
So basically, you are going to do a lot as the tealights steps. This time, paint only the candleholders and the jar lids, when those are dry, use the Craft Goop to glue the round bead to the jar lid, and the jar to the now black candle holders.

Insert your fun stuff into the jars. I used small skeletons I cut up from the dollar store, even the small brown ones were a banner. I added a couple dollops of hot glue to the inside of the spider jar, dropped in some webbing and then pulled it up and over the rim, twisting the lid in place to keep the webbing in place.
I tossed in a few spiders when I could. But the jars were too plain for me.
They needed labels. I googled free halloween printable labels and found some. You can find tons of them, just use what you like.
( and size them to your needs with a program like Word)

I decorated each jar differently, but the same. Using buttons, spiders, cheesecloth, netting, twine and plastic bugs.

I am so happy how my jars turned out. I might try to find a jar for one of those large spiders next year. I also hear that dried moss, spray painted beans, and hand sanitizer make creepy jar additions.

Happy Hallow- SCREAM everyone!

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bebe said...

awsome ideas.....where do you buy the ink and what is the name of the ink you used?