Monday, September 2, 2013


Hey. Not too long ago Provo Craft teamed up with Testors and gave some of the Cricut team the new ColorArts system to try out. I was flummoxed! I had no idea what I was going to create. I've airbrushed before, but in an art way. I didn't want to use lots of layers because we were also using the Stencil Cart.

We'll come back to that image - check out that AWESOME pillow in the bottom left square.
These images are pretty simple and I wanted to do something uber COOOOOL. So I went to see what the site at Testors had on it, to see if they had any ideas I could work from. I saw that they were using the system to tie dye! OH YEAH!
I took a white tank, used my pliers to grab a spot and twisted it. Then I clipped one of the color packets in the air brush and sprayed. I loved it.  I got a mix of colors- red, pink, dark blue, purple, black, silver, lime, and orange. I wished I had gotten some yellow and a softer blue. But I worked all the brights I could into this tank. Then I took and cut out the yin yang symbol from the Cricut Stencil material, and adhered that to the tank. I sprayed a nice solid black.

Doesn't it look great on Annalise!!

And it dries soft and machine washable. I will tell you, I used up most of my colors and the air in the can creating another t-shirt and a hoodie! We love how the tie dye look comes out.
Next, well, I was kinda in a pirate-y mood. so I took some big ol' beer mugs I got at the dollar store and put a skull and crossbones.

Come on- those are KEWL aren't they!!
The double layer was hard to do, the paint wanted to peel off, but I managed to shade the skulls too.  ARRR matey, pass ma beer!!
Lastly- well, remember I told you to notice that awesome pillow on the Cricut box. Well- guess who made it!!
MOI! I used silver and black and a medallion to spray them. I kind oversprayed them a bit, but I love that I could do this with more pillows and colors and create my own custom pillows!
Sadly- I was out of paint and air by the time I got done playing with the ColorArtz system, but it was super fun to work with!

Yes, I was compensated by PC to use this product, but this is still my own opinion on the system and I really like it for fabrics. The ink stays soft and washes well. We are still using the clothes several months later and I haven't noticed much fading. Unfortunately I put my Beer Mugs in the dishwasher and the paint did come right off, but I can save my mugs for another project now!

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