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BBQ Party

Jun 29 2011


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Hello my dear Circlets! Kristen here with a 4th of July party set that I hope you will love! I love adding festive pieces to a party, and boy, some of the prices on things at the party supply place are expensive! Why not make your own, and make your party wonderful!

I bought all my paper goods and plastic ware at the dollar store,  so this is a fun and cheap way to dress up your Holiday BBQ!
I used cardstock, and printed my own papers using Vintage Papers. Then I used Independence Day and Stand and Salute Carts to create my pieces.
Now I’d like to show you each piece.
First, let’s start with the party invitation.

I simply cut out two circles, then added the phrase to them with some foam tape between. Next I added on a bunch of these tickets cut from the Vintage Papers, and attached them to my circle. I added a plain block to my card, then added a strip of the squared block paper, with a small scallop punched border across the card. After I attached everything, I added on a few more stars with foam tape. Write all your party info on the inside. This card took me about 10 minutes to create.
How about a fun centerpiece for the picnic or buffet table?

The Pinwheels are separate so you can give them to the kids when the fireworks start.

I cut squares of cardstock, then used glue squares to adhere them to a bamboo skewer.  I then cut out stars, circles, and an eagle to place over the center spot. I added some tickets cut from the Vintage Papers printed paper, and also tied on lots of pretty white curling ribbon streamers.

I love the banners that are on these carts, and they make a fun addition to a inexpensive plastic basket I used for my cutlery. I rolled my utensils in pretty napkins and guests can just grab their dinnerware as they go. It also makes a nice centerpiece.
How about dressing up some condiments?
Ketchup is so much more festive with a simple tag and wrapper cover up. I didn’t worry too much about completely covering the label, this is just another fun way to add to your party decor.

We can’t just let Ketchup have all the fun, so I dressed up Mustard too.

And as the BBQ winds down and everyone is looking for a sweet treat, how about a couple easy and fast toothpick toppers for some cupcakes?

Send your guests home with sweet goodie bags, chock full of minty goodness in festive colors. The toppers were fast and easy as well, and simply staple on the top of the bag.

I love these soft mints and how cute that they are packaged separately in little Americana wrappers, it really makes my goodie bags look festive!
Here’s one last look at my party set, I cannot wait to break this out at our 4th of July party!

Cricut Imagine
Cricut Expression
Gypsy Handheld Device
Stand and Salute Cartridge
Basket- USA banner- cut< Banner> out using red and blue block paper@3.12 inches, then cut Shadow with white print paper. Cut Blackout with white paper and layer together. Then cut @3.12 inches phrase  with blue cardstock, attach Banner piece to basket with curling ribbon bows.
Ketchup- phrase cut in blue cardstock @ 1.82 inches, then cut Shadow in white print paper. Cut< Circle> 3.24 inches with Blackout, then add blue cardstock mat and trim with pinking shears.  Add cut out< Stars>@1 and 1.25 inches cut in red paper and blue cardstock, using Star Blackout.  Cut out in red cardstock@ 1.61 inches, then cut Shadow in white print paper, mat with dark blue cardstock, then again with blue cardstock and trim with pinking shears. Add< Star>@ 1 inch in white cardstock @cut with Blackout. Cut <4th july="" of=""> phrase in blue cardstock @ 2.08 inches
Card- cut < I <3 usa="">@2.29 inches phrase using Independence Day, then cut out @1 and 1.15 inches in red and blue cardstock and cream print paper.
Mustard- cut out Eagle using red paper, then attach two< Stars > @1 and 1.25 inchescut with Blackout cut from red paper and blue cardstock to front of Eagle. Cut out< Circle >@3.24 incheswith Blackout in white, then add blue cardstock and trim with pinking shears. Cut out phrase< USA>@2.35 inches in blue cardstock, then cut Shadow in cream print paper.
Cupcake Picks- Cut out @ 1.82 inches in blue and red square paper and Circle Blackout, then cut in white print paper as well as Circle Blackout.
Goodie Bags- cut out< Shaped Banner>@2.70 in music paper, then cut Shadow in red cardstock, and lastly cut Blackout in blue cardstock. Cut< God Bless America>@1.35 phrase in red cardstock and layer on Phrase Shadow in white print paper. Cut out @ 1.15 in Blackout.
Pinwheels- Cut out @2.18 inches in cream print, blue and dark blue cardstock. Cut out @ 1.96 inches in Blackout in white print, music, red cardstock, and white cardstock. Cut Eagle using Independence Day.
Independence Day Cartridge
Eagle- cut with red cardstock @2.41 inches, add to circle on blue pinwheel.
I <3 strong="" usa="">- cut in red cardstock@ 2.29 inches, then adhere to card on top of circles.
Vintage Papers Cartridge
Cardstock: American Crafts
Foam tape, Adhesive Squares: Glue Arts
Curling Ribbon
Bamboo Skewers, Plastic basket, condiments, cupcakes, party goods.

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