Friday, July 15, 2011


Good morning blog friends, I hope everyone out there is having a terrific summer. This summer has already been so super busy for me and us as a family. I have a bunch of random things to share with you today. First, I have to tell you about a really fabulous tool set. Odd... isn't it. But seriously I received this Cricut set of tools one day in a package from them, just as a little extra from our team leader, and I thought it was super cute and fun and placed it on my desk. LITTLE did I know, I would be reaching for the tools in it CONSTANTLY!!

( I haven't been asked to toot about this, this is my own personal opinion!) First of all. the color is super cute and I like the mesh screen around the cup. Second, the tools, my favorites are the spatula tool and the dental pick tool. I use the spatula tool for helping pick up my cricut cuts, but it also scrapes my desk when I drop hot glue, and it makes a nice tool to scrape glitter into a pile. lots of uses. The pick tool I like to use for piercing holes, and it even helps with separating stickers from the backing. I use the bone folder for scoring on my Martha scoreboard ( it is softer on my hand then the one that comes with the board) plus I use it for folds from cuts on my cricut a lot too - ie. boxes and such that need a clean fold, besides using it for cards. I even use the ruler and the small scraper tool, just love this tool. I took out the foam that holds everything together, and just have it as another tool jar on my desk.

Let's see- oh next,  my oldest Alizabeth has an injury to her wrist that we are trying to get taken care of, and of course it's not going to be easy. One day at school she stepped in on a fight that was happening between a friend and her brother, the brother had drumsticks in his hand that he'd been hitting people with ( he's 14) and Alizabeth grabbed them to try to take them from him - she is a peacemaker and was trying to keep him from getting in trouble. He wrenched her wrist and it's been painful for her since. We tried a cast- below- for a week and that caused more pain, so we are now headed to physical therapy and more testing- an MRI- to see if there is further damage.

I hate that she's in pain, and having a cast in the middle of summer is no fun, even though we got the more expensive waterproof cast for her to swim in.
lastly today I wanted to share some older Cricut Circle Projects. If you'd like to join the circle, please click HERE to sign up. These are exclusive projects for the Circle and you can get the full details and directions when you become a member.
First, a baby card set made using my Imagine machine and the Nursery Tails cartridge.

these cards have lots of dimension. I love the cute baby images on this cart, and can't wait to create more with it.
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Aphra said...

Wowee chick, you rocked those Imagine cards! LOVE them. Hope your daughter's wrist gets better soon. :)

Kristie Maynard said...

Really beautiful cards. Love them all.
Sorry your daughter is having so much trouble and pain. Hopefully, that will be gone soon and she will be back to 'normal'
Summer has been great for me, even with the blazing heat that we've been having here in the Buffalo, NY area.