Friday, July 9, 2010

like potato chips

I was sharing these two cards this morning with Echo Park on their facebook page, and I came to realize ( in one of those barely awake precoffee kind of dazes) that cards are like chips to me. I can't bear to just make one. I can make one MORE, but not just make one and be done. Usually as I am making one card, as I am working out the details, I have some sort of inspiration, something that doesn't work for this card, but will work great for the next. 

So.. I have to make another. usually that leads into making another and another if time allows.

Next thing you know, I have 5 cards sitting here waiting to take photos of. I guess it's not a bad thing, but it does distract me from creating layouts- see- cards are so quick and fast for me. I can do layouts, but I agonize over details, title and journaling. If I don't like how a card turned out, hey, I only wasted what- 20-30 minutes? Layouts take me hours sometimes.

See my logic?

So here are my "can't just make one cards". I used more Echo Park scraps- I can't stand the thought of putting it all away right now, I have so many little scraps, I'm gonna have to create some more. Because I just know they'll fall all over the place when I try to get them put away.

What I did the other day, was stamp my owls. I bought these stamps last week at the store, just some inexpensive Studio G stamps- quite big for what I'm used to seeing from them. The owl is about 3 inches tall.

I used Echo Park papers, including a strip from the kit cover paper, I cut out a cute little branch for the owl to sit on, and popdotted a lot of the elements of him with foam tape. I cut out the stamped BE YOU and added the button.

This card uses more of the Echo Park paper, yes, you might be sick of seeing their paper since that's all I've been creating with the last two weeks, BUT it's right up my alley, the colors are some of my most favorite!!
I added wiggle eyes to this owl, plus I added these sticko letters- which I DO NOT LIKE. But I bought them and am trying to get some use. The colors are so weird, they do not photograph well at all.  I also added this Bobunny green button with twine to finish the card.

I have one more thing to share with you. The previews of Pink Paislee's new lines are up- and starting soon, Pink Paislee will reveal them on their website, you dont' want to miss these gorgeous new collections!!

Have a super terrific day!


craftymom205 said...

Love the cards.

Cynthia B. said...

Love the owl cards! You're so productive with scraps!