Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pretty paper flowers

Hello there! Kristen here with a pretty vintage looking  flower for you to create.

One of the hottest new trends out there is making your own flowers, from fabric to tissue paper, they are all just gorgeous. I have created a flower with a sewing pattern tissue paper and the possibilities with these flowers are just endless.

You will need a sewing pattern, and leave it folded. I also used a nicely large punch to punch out my flower shapes. Tissue paper/sewing paper is pretty delicate, I found that leaving the sheets folded gave me just the right thickness to punch cleanly through the paper. If it's too many, it won't punch and too few will tear through the paper more then punch through it.

Next, you are going to use micro mini glue dots to adhere the center of the flower on each layer of paper.

I then used a hole punch to punch through the middle of the flower center.

Next, scrunch the flowers.

And to finish, add brads, gems, buttons, crocheted flowers, etc.. to the middle of your flower, re-scrunching the paper petals to just the right shape.

Now, for the project I made with these flowers, a butterfly banner, perfect for my scrapbooking space.

I recommend you enlarge this photo to see all the details.

To make this banner you will need:

GCD studios
Ava Collection- Teal Pinwheels, Emeral, Topaz, Flutter, Quartz, Crosshatch, Big Mod, and Sunny Pinwheels
Homespun Chic- fabric brads
Artsy Urban- Crochet Flowers, Vintage Buttons
Chip art tools and Chipboard- Melody  Ross chipboard butterfly book, Sparrow Upper Case Alphabet
Vintage Floral, Iron Works, Butterflies, Mini Shapes

other- ribbon (teal, black and green) gems, twine, white acrylic paint, spray glitter mist, black spray mist, black pen, yellow and blue metallic cream rub ons, buttons.

First, I used my chipart tools to deboss my butterfly shapes, adding different shapes to each butterfly and creating a word along the edge of the butterfly.

Second, I painted my butterflies with white acrylic, then misted them with black spray mist. I then painted them a second time with my white acrylic paint. When dry, I highlighted the words with a black pen. Then added metallic cream rub ons to the edges of the butterfly, mixing them lightly at the meeting point of the two colors.

 Finally I added three circles to the centers of the butterflies, adding smaller and smaller layers, adding foam tape between the second and third layers. Each butterfly uses three different pattern papers.

I then cut out a butterfly from the Flutter paper and adhered it to the top circle. I then spray glittered all three butterflies.

After allowing the butterflies to dry, I added my sewing pattern paper flowers to the center of the butterflies. I also tied each butterfly together with ribbons, adding several buttons tied on a piece of twine to each tie. Then I added two additional cut out butterflies hanging down between the larger butterflies.

I hope you have enjoyed both my paper flowers and my butterfly banner today.


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BeeLinda said...

Those are great!

Jana Eubank said...

What an AWESOME idea, Kristen! LOOOVE those flowers!!!

Sande said...

Kristen...thanks so much for sharing. I have tons of patterns I know I'll never used again. What a great way to re-purpose them. I love finding new ways to use something that otherwise would end up in a landfill.

Quilter422 said...

Brilliant! and you would not believe the pile of old patterns i have that will be perfect for this. TFS!

Jen said...

I found this from the article in Simply Handmade. Your banner is gorgeous and the tutorial great. (I don't know if it was you or they who changed a few things in the magazine, but I just had to come see the original on your blog! LOL) Truly gorgeous! I love my chip art tools, and I love using vintage sewing patterns as well. Thanks for sharing!!