Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One last cookie idea

Sooo- you're running on empty- no time or inclination to mix a cookie recipe? Create gorgeous and delicious cookies with store bought dough!
I bought a big ol' tub of sugar cookie dough. Now- I let it sit out a bit- then I hand mixed more flour into it- this is kind of a feel thing- I just kneaded the dough til it felt stiffer- probably adding about 1/2 cup flour to 2 cups dough- that's about one of those cookie log rolls you can buy in the store. Doing this - you have less spread of the dough when baking.

Now- for what I made-

I made Chocolate Surprise Cookies- they have Andees Candies inside- I also tried this with Hershey's Mint Bliss chocolates- both are DELICIOUS!! What we did was to wrap the dough pretty around the top of the candy- then tuck it underneath- so the tops were nice looking. Baked them off and added chocolate ganache to the tops- yeah yeah- we love chocolate in this house- and if I'm gonna make the ganache- I like to use it all up.

Second - I made Cherry Thumbprint Cookies- I found Cherry Preserves in the grocery store- and used small balls of dough, with a nice dent it them from our finger- then added the preserves to the middle- only about 1/4 of a teaspoon- these were nice preserves and had chunks of cherries- so I just added the cherry chunk to the middle. Then- yup- drizzled with ganache this time- yeah - went to funky town with this idea! LOL! they taste like Chocolate Covered Cherries- very very good!!

now don't forget- you can use the same dough recipe for other ideas- add in other candy- rollos or milk duds would be yummy! peanut butter cups too!
add different jelly to the cookies and make a variety of flavors.

Have a wonderful day!


Beth said...

these looks so pretty & yummy! I like making surprise cookies too, only I hide chunks of Hershey's inside a peanut butter cookie,but I think I need a ganache recipe now for a topper! Yummmm....

Melanie said...

Oh STOP with you and your homemade treat making. You are making me sooo jealous. I made one half-batch of fudge this season. That's it. I'm pathetic!!!