Thursday, December 17, 2009

Believe Decor

Ok- I will admit it- I often go out to the post-Holiday sales and buy things I have no idea what to do with. And they will sit in my pile of alterables until one day a light goes on and I get an idea. Sometimes- it could take a couple years. I know I didn't buy this Believe this year- must have been last years addition to the box of alterables.

I often get so sick of seeing them- I think I may just block out that I even have them.
Then, in an effort to make a project- I reach in- pull it out and go-
"now what the heck am I gonna do with this?"

then I'll calm down- grab some papers I like and play. it's not easy- and sometimes I make stuff I hate- but isn't that what happens to us all on occasion? good intentions and all- then our naughty little muse runs off to play with someone else and we are left trying to make something with no magic..

that's not what happened with this though.

First what I did was base coat my believe sign with some acrylic paint- just a quickie job covering all the bare wood. Then I had had the idea of sponging some of the white paint on like specks- really didn't want to flick it and get it all over, so I took my brush and dabbled it on. Well, my base coat wasn't quite dry and it mixed together giving this sponged look- now that I've made the mistake for you- just start it out trying to sponge it on. Let it dry, then I added some puffy paint to it- that is what makes the snow. I also sprinkled glitter all over it. when it was dry -I was going to heat gun it to make it fluffy- but liked it just the way it was- so I left it alone.

Next for the background. I took some Bobunny Winter Wonderland paper- this is already glittered- but I did add more. I fussy cut out the snowflakes and then glued the paper to the back of the letters. First I had glittered them a bit. I also fussy cut Santa from St. Nick paper and added him on there as well. I like that he already looks like he is being snowed on.
I didn't glitter all the snowflakes, just the two big ones.

to finish this off, I tied an aquamarine bow with a snowflake button and a bit of twine and added them to the bottom of the B. If you wanted to create this a bit more sturdy- cutting out chipboard to back your snowflakes will definitely make the papers stronger.
thanks for stopping in- check out the other gorgeous decor items on the Bobunny blog this month!


Unknown said...

Kris, this is GORGEOUS!!!

ladynurse4 said...

absolutely wonderful! I have some of that Bo Bunny pp coming in a kit this month. I may try this!

dstandard said...

Wow this is gorgeous - what a wonderful project!