Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More Christmas Decor

Want to make your own Christmas decor- just look for unique packaging! My hubby bought me some of those Ferraro Rocher Chocolate balls- the ones that they are showing a lot of commercials for at this time of year. Well- honestly- I don't really care for them- although I adore Nutella!! I think it's the crispy part that I don't like so much. BUT I LOVED this awesome bell container! I first took off the tag, and just cleared all the stickers and stuff off of it. I bought some cute little silver glitter balls- from the dollar store!! and filled it up with them. Then I glued it shut-then trimmed it with some Bobunny lime dot ribbon.
For the top- I added some beautiful berry picks from the craft store- seriously- I've gotten like 4 great projects done and only spent about 3 dollars on them.
I also glittered some plastic leafy pieces- pulled them off another pick- and added glue then some very gold glitter and let them dry. I added a thicker Bobunny dot ribbon, with three loops, and added two K&CO chipboard pieces to either side of the bow- this side is a bird in nest- the backside is a snowflake in blue and gold.

remember- click on the pic for a larger view- I know these blog pics are kinda small.
Thanks for coming over today! Hope you've been inspired to create some of your own decor!



Toronto mls listings said...

Hi. Really great idea. Very nice and easy. Actually, I've got similar decor. However, instead of bell container I used big glass vase and filled it with old glitter balls. I like glass decorations very much and I think that it is one of the best materials for decorating.

Good luck,

whoistracy said...

This is so cute!! Love the idea Kris.

Heather said...

That is very cute! Thanks for the inspiration and idea!

Julia Sandvoss said...

I tell you girl...while I was were making the most beautiful decorations! They're all that star too!;-)