Thursday, February 12, 2009

it is the dawning of the age of aquarius

good morning- wait- what? um- yeah- today is my bday - and i'm an aquarian - is that right- aquariun?
LOL! I'm turning 29 today- *cough cough* again- for the um- 6th time now.
Actually I told DH when he wished me Happy Bday that I'm turning 28 today- then each year I can get younger!
no cards to share- I'm going to veg out and read a book today- but I made these nice cupcakes last night for my hubby- who adores coconut/dark chocolate things.
these are rich coconut chocolate cupcakes.
it's all the pioneer woman's fault- she made this icing- and it looked so yummy. but I wanted to try it with my coconut supreme cake mix recipe. and yeah- these are sooo delish! really good flavors.
I won't put the recipe here- since it's on the PW site- but- I did forget to add in the butter- so maybe yours will stay shiney! LOL! they taste wonderful without it too!
and I used a Betty Crocker cake mix- cause I'm all about keeping it simple with quick stuff like this.

let me know if you try them- what you think!
oh and other super news- Alizabeth made All County Chorus yesterday- she and 4 other girls from her school will be participating in the Chorus. she's completely thrilled about it, as are we.

have a great day!


AUsome mom said...

Well, let me be the first blogger to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!The cupcakes look too yummy. And congrats to your daughter! Have a happy day.....

whoistracy said...

Hope you have a wonderful day today!!!

Heidi Van Laar said...

Happy Birthday Kristen!! And big congrats to your Alizabeth too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, it sounds like you are going to be celebrating the best way possible, doing your own relaxing thing, Enjoy

Kazan Clark said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! Enjoy your last year in your 20's - Hope it is your best year yet.

Laura Davis said...

Happy Birthday Kristen!! I hope all your wishes come true!

Desire Fourie said...

Kristen a very happy birthday for yesterday. Way to go, we are only as young as wel feel. Trust you have been spoilt and that the year ahead will be filled with love, happiness and excellent health. Hugs from Desire

Sonya said...

Hope you have had a wonderful day Kristen. Thankyou for sharing the recipe for those delightful looking cupcakes with us! I am a huge fan of choclate!!

Peet said...

Happy Birthday Kris!!!

Margo said...

Have a happy Birthday with many scrap worthy memories!!!

Katie said...

I hope you had a GREAT Birthday Kris!


~dawne said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kristen. I hope you had a wonderful day & congrats to your daughter too!!

Sherry Wright said...

Have a wondreful birthday Kris, the cupcakes look delish. We're the same *young* age now. ;)