Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have so much to share today! This is going to be a LONG post- so stay with me ok?
ok- you know all the companies are starting to share their sneak peaks for CHA? sooo- Bobunny is going to be sharing all week- so I've included some small pics here to whet your appetite - you can see the collections much bigger and better on the blog- link is over there in my links.
Next- I wanted to share - my BIG NEWS!! Bobunny recently asked me to design some stickers for them- so along with debuting love shack- I get to show off the stickers I designed to go along with the set. I designed the Sandcastles sticker sheet- so I hope you'll run out and buy several of these AWESOME :) stickers! Seriously tho- several of the girls design stickers- and they do such an amazing job- all the sticker sheets should be on your shopping list- as well as all the new amazing collections- they are soo gorgeous! I'm also including some of the layouts I've made for the catalog so you can see how rich and beautiful these collections are.

Next I get to share my projects with new Reminisce product! We have new Happy Easter, Monkey Business, and Green Day to share today. All the stickers are glittery and sooo sweet! you get a huge amount with a sheet as well- you could design many projects with just one sheet!
I hope you will check them out as well- the link for the blog is also in my links to the side.
the new monkey stickers are probably my favorites- they are so silly and cute- just made me smile working with them!
and the butterfly stickers in the Green Day set are stunningly beautiful! I love them!

take care and have a wonderful day!


~dawne said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your stickers. Living on the beach, they'll be a must in my shopping card. Can't wait to see them IRL. You have been one busy gal & ALL your projects are stunning. I can't pick a fav!!

Heidi Van Laar said...

Wow Kristen, that is so awesome!! Congratulations! Those stickers are pretty darn fabulous! Can't wait to see them in stores!
Gorgeous projects too!

(-: Heidi

Kazan Clark said...

om-goodness can we say um - WOW! That is sooo amazing...
P.S. I tagged you.

**Nancy** said...

Oh wow!!! So much eye candy on your blog!!! Congratulations on your stickers! How cool!!! Love those monkeys!!!

Laurel said...

Congrats on your stickers! So exciting! You have amazing work!

Laura Davis said...

WOW!!! You are so talented kristen, I love all of your new creations!