Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday- but it feels like Monday

Our schools had off til today b/c they had conferences on Mon and Wed- so the girls only have two days this week- making me feel like today is more like Monday then Thurs.
do you ever have days where you run around so much- that even tho you accomplish a lot- you don't feel like you did anything but go in circles. Yesterday was that day for me.
At the end of the day- i was plumb wore out. I was supposed to have gotten much of the den painted- but putting the new color on the wall- I hated it- fortunately with an art background, I was able to mix other paint colors into it- and ended up with a nice taupe color- it's funny tho- testing the colors on the wall- it's got about 7 different splotches of color.

so as a treat for us- i made Nutella Danishes- just an idea I've had in my head that I wanted to try, and OH MY GAWRSH! you have got to got to got to got to GOT TO try these. Seriously.
they are that good.
AND they are so simple!! All I used was Puff Pastry Dough- Pepperidge Farms makes a nice kind, some Nutella out of the jar, egg wash, and simple glaze made with confectioners sugar and milk. really- buy the stuff to make it today- your tongue will thank you. your hips may not..

isn 't it sweet sitting there- saying- look how cute I am- I'm just a little delicious bite- come on- try me..

to make these- you thaw the dough in the fridge- I did mine overnight. you can let it go to room temp or work right from the fridge- which is what I did. I threw some flour on the counter- and rolled it out- it comes in two sections- work with one at a time, and each section is folded in thirds, I cut off each third- working with one at a time. I managed to cut each of the thirds into 5 pieces. ( you can get about 30 small danish from a box) I rolled the dough out to about 20 inches long x 5 inches wide ( you may need to flour the top a tad bit to keep it from sticking - think cutout sugar cookies rolling style.) then I cut the strip into 5 squarish pieces- remember - they don't have to be perfect here. I made a simple egg wash- one egg and about 2 tablespoons of water and whisk really well . then brush the egg wash along the edges of the squarish piece. Add about a tablespoon of Nutella in the middle, then fold one side over - I made mine into triangles, then folded the corners over and in and tucked the extra stuff underneath. Place them on a cooking sheet- I use AirBake pans and just a tiny spray of Pam or nonsticking spray. Next time, i'm going to try to roll them like little burritos. Brush more egg wash over the top- be generous with this, cover them completely with the wash, but don't have a whole egg dripped down around it. I baked them at 400 degrees for about 18 minutes- keep an eye on them after about 10 and see how they are- all ovens are different so the time will be when they are a beautiful golden brown.

take them out and allow them to cool mostly. Mix about 1 cup of confectioners sugar with about 2 tablespoons of milk- whatever you have in the fridge. you can also put in vanilla- but not necessary as it's only a glaze. You may want to put them on a cooling rack to glaze- I liked the glaze sticking to the bottom of them, so I left mine on the cooking sheet.

that's it- eat them eat them you will see, you can eat them with a fox, you can eat them in a box, you will eat them in a boat, you will eat them with a goat, you will like Nutella Danish, sam I am.

next- I get to share - A- went to the eye dr on Tues- and got her glasses yesterday! so fast!!

I hate them ( not really )- she looks too grown up- I wanted her to get ones with little ponies on them. but no- she had to pick out these that just make her look even more gorgeous. hmm.

you know- I think I may have to tell her her hair is more auburn, every pic I take - her hair really isn't the boring brown she thinks it is.

forgive the messy windy hair- but had to include this to show you our gorgeous backyard backdrop- the trees are so bronzed this year.

that's all for today- sorry no scrappy stuff- but hopefully you will try the danish- oh- btw- I'm having mine with hazelnut coffee this morning- mmmmmmmmelty delishiousness!......


Fink said...

Yes I have felt that way many many times! I love the glasses she picked out!

Melanie said...

OMG she look sooooo grown up in these pics! Time has flown, huh.

I'm lost on the recipe. What is nutella??? It sure looks divine!

Katie said...

Those nutella nummies look amazing!!