Friday, November 7, 2008

Reluctant Stamper

I pulled out the old stamps last night- I love the look, but sometimes I'm at a loss with what to do with them to make them fresh looking. I also really don't like Embossing Powder and stuff- too messy for me. Also why I tend not to use glittery stuff- too much mess.
Don't get me wrong- I'm not TOTALLY uptight and anal.
just mostly.

This bird card is made with SEI papers, the graph paper is my beloved Scenic Route paper that I use on everything lately. The bird is a martha stamp, the swirls are bobunny and the greeting is cornish heritage farms. I cut out the flower- the whole line has a shimmer to it- pearlized I guess and the flower is totally pearly- which is pretty. Oh that heart red paper is Bobunny- scraps being used in this hiz-ouse!!
Thanksgiving on the brain- gotta start stocking up for it! I want to buy some nice serving bowls this year- seems like they are hard to find- anyone have a good source for them? leave a link in my comments and I'll check it out -thank you!
So this card is made with Flair paper, Sei cardstock, bobunny stamp and chipboard. My Minds Eye felt and glitter leaves. Flair fantastic plastic letters and Cornish Heritage Farms stamp greeting. thi s is so much prettier in real life, I wish we could see how pretty shiney, shimmery, glitter, stuff is in a pic. What is also hard to see is that I cut another circle and distressed the edges and put it in the larger chipboard circle.

Another shimmery paper from the SEI line. This has blue metallic in the lines. Scenic Route graph, and bobunny blue papers. Bobunny ribbon, cornish heritage farms stamped greeting, Inkadinkado stamped owl that I also cut out.
thanks for dropping in today!


Melanie said...

Beautiful Beautiful Cards! Don't you just love the Kim Hughes stamps, too. I'm gonna have to show her these cards. :)

Kim Hughes said...

Your cards are fabulous!! The stamps add just the right happy to see you using them :)

Fink said...

Beautiful cards! I think they are fine with all the messy stuff not being used! : )

Custom Cards said...

All the cards are really nice and its a good thing that you don't use the messy thing in your work.

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Anonymous said...

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