Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween! We'll be going out Trick or Treating tonight- for our first time in this area- so hopefully we'll have a big haul- erm- the kids will have a big haul and get lots of chocolate that I can share with them. What is your favorite candy? of course the chocolate ones are great- but I like other ones that are harder to find. Sugar Daddies, Mary Janes, peanut butter taffies, you know- the ones that aren't chocolate or soured candy.
Do you dress up to trick or treat. I usually do if we've been to a party or school- I spray my hair, or dress up. I used to love doing cool makeup on my face, but a couple years ago became totally allergic to it- and found out the hard way, for a couple days after Halloween, my eyes were almost swollen shut, and I had dry scaling patches on my face. Oh was I attractive. no more halloween makeup for me- ever!

I felt like doing another digi layout- nope- not going exclusive with it- I just got my desk cleaned off and felt like leaving it clean for a day! These again are all freebies, from and freedigitaldownloads, the title font is from freedigi, the rest is from shabby princess. the buttons are from marcie reckinger.
thanks for dropping in- have a great halloween.

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