Monday, September 1, 2008

New Family Addition

We've been looking for a dog for a couple weeks, not wanting a puppy just yet, but an older dog that was already housetrained, spade and out of the rambunctious puppy years- a nice sedate, loving pooch.
Casey came to us by way of calling the local animal hospital and putting our name on their list. About a week later, the receptionist called and told us of a friend of hers getting rid of her dog b/c she's moving in with a boyfriend who is allergic.
we went and picked her up on Sat- and just have fallen in love. Casey is gonna need some training but we're gonna work on that.
She is part German Shepard and part Black Lab, but only her coloring seems to be lab, she's very Shepard-like in body, snout and fur.

Next I get to share some baking I've been doing. I've been in a mad cookie mood- seriously- I usually get this way around the holidays and am loving trying some new recipes. These delicious morsels are a take on an icebox cookie. Dh loves chocolate chip cookies, so I try to include versions of it within recipes. These Chippy Cherry Almond Cookies are really yummy, tho they are more biscuit cookie in flavor- ie- not super sweet- even with the cherries and chips in there. The almond comes from the sliced almonds i put in- and next time would like to have a hint of flavoring as well. I thought the cherry and lemon flavors called for in the recipe were nice, but not strong enough in the cookie.
The girls teachers and Dh's co-workers get all my experiments that don't flop- so I can keep on making cookies and trying things- yum yum.
have a great Labor day!

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Julia said...

Congrats to you and Casey! There's nothing like having a pet in your home and we're definitely dog lovers! Can't wait to see some cute layouts Kris! :-)