Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Night

Sunday night- everyone in bed for the evening- well- everyone but me- finally- some free time, some me time.

This glorious sunset happened back in April- it was spectacular!

As of yet- I still haven't used it in a layout, perhaps because I don't trust myself enough to do it real justice- then again- does it need any decoration at all?

I think it's more then enough in itself.

Another card for today- I'm feeling all share-y tonight. Am planning on making some cards with scraps tonight.

It's amazing how much I actually have in scraps. I try to use it- but really- after using scraps of the same paper on 5 projects- it gets pretty stale.

This is all Bobunny, cept for the small letters ( K&co) and that big cool chip ( Scenic Route I think).

Note to self- branch out- think more out of the box- try something new.
I think we all can use a push in that direction.



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Michelle Russell said...

Hooray! The blog looks great, and I'll be happy to check back and see what you're up to daily. Your work is always so inspiring! This sunset picture is just AWESOME, I can understand how it's been so difficult to scrap!