Monday, July 21, 2008

And the thunder rolled...

storms rolled in last night- the downpours were incredible!

I sat out here in my office watching them and working on some cards, til the power went out around 10. we didn't get power back til after 2 am.

It was miserable to try and sleep- the house felt so hot. The girls gathered in our room and after the power came on, we blasted the a/c and the fans to cool down.

Am dragging this morning- gonna need extra caffeine to get motivated.

These are a couple cards I worked on last night Love those flowers I made. It's all Anna Griffin, with those cute little round epoxy stickers. Ripped the flower petals off of some punched flowers ( he loves me, he loves me not, he LOVES ME! LOL!) and just stuck them to the back of the epoxy stickers.

This is one of the flower things I had growing in my side flower bed. It's tall, about 3 feet and had about 20-30 of these flowers on it- anyone know what this is?
It didn't last long- it's already dried up and dead.

I have tons of flower pics from the spring- playing with my camera and taking pics of all the new flowers in the yard.
perhaps tomorrow I will share my favorite pic of them all.

Happy Monday!


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