Tuesday, July 22, 2008

an oldie but goodie

I promised I would share one of my favorite spring flowers photos.

This one is it- I love the texture of the bark from my huge tree in the front yard. The roots around the base are bigger then my thighs - and that is saying something! I'm guessing these trees are over 60 years old.
I saw these shoots coming up really from where I wouldn't have guessed any flower could grow- there's barely any dirt there- just what is piled up on top of the roots.

and yet- here is this sweet little crocus peeking out- and making it's way to herald spring.
and by the way- it was the ONLY crocus in the whole yard. So it's extra special!

Still in the spirit of sharing-
an old layout- but still one of my favorites.
love those pics of lil a, the star details are really interesting, and I love the round title. Not to mention- I barely get to use non pinks for layouts- since both girls favor pink clothing!
tata for now!

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