Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cards made from Scrap

As you will see- I made some cards last night- and am very happy with them, think they all are pub worthy- I don't always feel that way once I've stepped away from my table, but lately I've been just feeling more crafty and productive. I didn't use a single piece of fresh paper on any of these cards, everything is scraps. Not only that- but it's all recent scraps-
proud that I'm using some of this up. The rest I will give to the girls to use on their craft projects, they sit in their craft room- yeah- we have a small room that we've converted for them- and they make all kinds of cute things-
note to self- start taking more pics of these things before they grow up and everything becomes sophisticated.

Mom card made using cardstock, MM flower, Flair paper ribbon and mom tag. Love the stitching on it- and am addicted to hemp for ribbon tying.
isn't this one sweet- love the swirl paper- that's Bobunny, with cut out bobunny other paper flowers, a KI tag, and some brads with more hemp twine. I stitched without thread on this one.
another pretty girly one- Bobunny paper ( the reverse of the one above) some bobunny paper punched flowers, a daisy d's tag, bobunny rubons and more stitching and twine- gee- did I mention I love that stuff!
ohhh- halloween- it'll be here sooner then we know it- I love the giant moon with the bats! This is reminisce paper ( with bobunny diamonds) and reminisce stickers. added a quick punched star with hand drawn detail lines, a button and - dum dum duuuummmmmm- BLACK twine this time! LOL!
LOVE these cute Reminisce stickers, the house is just too cute! again- Reminisce paper and stickers, with a punched star, button and black twine, and that chipboard frame- whoever makes those- I can't remember- and I've had it ages- OH now I remember- it's Provo Craft! there now you know!
another cute one with a big circle representing a celestial body- this time the sun, and that cute Flair paper ribbon representing the sea. Flair rubons and a MM brad. oh its hard to see- but it says Aloha around the sun.

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