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Nutella Pocket Pies

Something Yummy for Your Tummy

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Good Morning Circlets! Who’s bringing you a delicious and easy treat idea today, why me, Kristen, of course!!  My treat is chocolately and warm and so so yummy, you’ll be wanting several  of them waiting for the kid’s to get in from school, or sledding! And don’t forget a couple for yourself as well. And since it’s still Holiday time, perhaps you can bring these along as your gift to the party hostess or as an addition to a pot luck!
What are they- well- they are …. Nutella Pocket Pies. Or mini pies, or mumphchompchomp- oh sorry- I was finishing one as I am writing this post.

What is a Nutella Pocket Pie- it’s a round double circle of pie crust, with a heaping tablespoon of Nutella tucked inside,  then topped with some chunky sugar. As simple as that. or we can dress it up a bit, and add a pretty snowflake, so it’s pretty enough to give as a gift.
Let’s make some!

Ok, ingredients- Nutella ( of course), premade pie crust- (boy does this make it easy!), your Cricut Cake machine, some milk, gel food colors and a paint brush.
First, I added my crust to the Cricut Mat, then I used a rolling pin to roll it out a bit, and it sticks right down without having to use shortening.

Cut out circles in the crust, then pull off excess dough.
Peel each circle off the mat, and place on parchment covered baking sheets. I placed a heaping tablespoon of Nutella down in the center, then I topped with a second circle of dough, crimped the edges with a fork and then cut out my snowflakes.

Once you are done that. It’s time to decide how to decorate them. I tried them with no coloring and just sprinkles of sugar. I also colored the snowflake ( my favorite!) and I also colored the backgrounds. It’s up to you, be artistic and have fun. Bake them in a 400 degree oven for about 15 -20 minutes- or until they brown around the edges.

Now they are done, you can arrange them on a pretty plate, dressed up with some doilies.
Wanna see the inside?

closer you say?

oh yum!!
ok- now, say you would like to give one of these away. ok ok, I’m just saying.. perhaps you do.
so, let’s make a card and a pretty gift package to give them in.

Making the card isn’t super hard. But I bet you’d like to see how I folded a piece of paper to create that gift packaging.
First print your patterned paper onto white cardstock-using the Imagine- then cut the circle using the Cricut Expression. I then put folds into the paper at 5.75 and 6.25 inches, to create the bottom fold.

Then I created the top flap fold. I did mine about 1/2inch, and added a separate piece on for a bigger looking flap. Don’t crease at 1/2 inch, go to at least 1.5 inches. .
Now fold your piece, and you will have a free standing packet with a fold over front. Decorate as you wish.

I added glitter around the circle, then topped my flap with some crinkled ribbon, a handcut tag printed on the computer and a button with twine. I put my Pie in a small baggie, tied it and used removable adhesive on the back so it will stay in the package.

For the card, I used my Imagine and printed out a snowflake where I layered on glitter, buttons and a sweet deer/bird image. I added more crinkled ribbon to the card, and even tied the deer’s neck with a jingle bell.

I computer printed my greeting, cut out triangles from the edges and added two little clear gems. A beautiful card for a delicious treat!!

I hope you have enjoyed my post today!

Cricut Cake Machine
Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake  Art
  • Cut- at 3.25 inches in pie crust
  • Cut- at 3.25 inches
  • Cut at 3.25 inches
Cricut Expression
Paper Lace
  • Cut- Base Shadow at 7 inches in blue paper.
  • Cut in white cardstock at 10 inches.
Cricut Imagine
Mr. Frosty
  • print blue paper- under pies on plate
Snow Angel
  • print- blue snowflake paper
  • - Cut – Snowflake at 4 inches
  • - Cut Deer/Bird image at 3 inches.
pie crust
Sugar Sprinkles
foam tape – Glue Arts
jingle bell

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