Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Glue Arts and My Little Shoebox

Card & Treat Set
Designer: Kristen Swan  


Paper/Stickers/ Letters- My Little Shoebox- Home Tweet Home Collection
Adhesive- Glue Arts Perma tac and UCutIt foam, Adhesive Squares
Velum Envelope
pinking shears
prima flowers

1. Cut card base to 5x5 inches.
2. Add two strips of paper to front of card, one cloud and one ledger paper, trimming either end with pinking shears.
3. Then adhere a diecut border between the two papers, and another punched border just under the pink diecut border.
4. Wrap twine around card twice and tie bow.
5. Next add UCutIt foam to large diecut and adhere to card, then add UCutIt to flower and birdhouse diecut, and adhere to card.
6. Finish card by adding flower to center of twine bow, and placing greeting with sticker letters.

1. Adhere diecut border strip to envelope after cutting in half, using Perma Tac.
2. Tie on twine by double looping around envelope then tie bow.
3. Use UCutIt foam to attach diecut round to front of envelope, then adhere two layers of UCutIt to second round piece and attach to front of envelope.

4. Add sticker letters to diecut, then attach more UCutIt foam to flower, bird and second flower stickers, attach as shown to envelope.
5. Tie bit of twine through button and adhere to twine bow with Adhesive Squares.

1. Fold card base to 5x7 inches, then cut block of pink paper, mat with blue paper and trim edges of blue paper with pinking shears, Adhere to card with Perma Tac.
2. Add brown paper cut out border, then punch border with scallop punch and add both to card using Perma Tac.
3. Adhere journal spot on left side of card using Perma tac, then add UCutIt to both flower diecut and branch diecut, cutting of edge of branch diecut and adhering right at the edge of the card.
4. Fold over diecut journal spot, adhere with Adhesive Squares to top of card, then add button with twine bow using Adhesive Squares.
5. Add greeting to branch diecut using letter stickers, then adhere UCutIt to bird diecut and adhere to flower.
6. Tie double bow with twine and adhere to card using Adhesive Squares.


Diane Jaquay said...

These cards are absolutely DARLING!! Where can you buy the supplies to make these, or is this a kit you can purchase?

Nati Tristan said...

All these cards are beautiful! The colors are exravagant. Brings the cheer right away!

Cindy said...

Beautiful cards. I would love to receive any or all of these in the mail. Great colors and layouts on them.