Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Busy Busy this week * photo heavy*

Hello my wonderful blogger friends! I am so super busy this week! We had a nice weekend this weekend, my hubby bought me a new beautiful ride. It's been a long time since I had a new vehicle and I tell you, he spoiled me with all the gadgets and things that came in this beauty!

 I honestly cannot wait to decide on a graphic to cut from my cricut and use my Glue Arts Car Accents Vinyl to personalize her. I put one on my van and not only did it look so cute, but it made it easier to find in a parking lot, esp. since my Venture Van was so popular in the sand color it was.
 This is what was on my van. And I was surprised, it lasted almost a full year with no peeling or discoloring. I bet it would have stayed on forever!

Because I needed to try out my new SUV, we did a little daytripping, and Sunday we took the girls to a local museum park and took some pics. It was a beautiful day, the trees were all blooming!!

I adore these two munchkins and I hope you can see from the pics how full of personality they both are!

today I am back again to share another Cricut Circle project with you.
Of course this project was made exclusively for the Cricut Circle and instructions and details about cuts are only available on the Circle Blog, but if you would like to sign up to be a member, click here to go to the sign up page

I adore creating home decor, and Christmas for me is definitely the time where I feel the most creative. I think because whatever I create, it's only going to be out for a little over a month. I can truly enjoy it because I know I only have a little time to do so.
I created a personalized family frame with some Girl's Paperie paper, styrofoam balls and paint. I used  the Winter Frolic Cartto cut the trees and the phrase. You can't really see the glitter on this, but it pops in the light!

thanks for dropping by today, if you got this far. I hope you have enjoyed my Cricut Circle Blog project!!


Michelle said...

What beautiful pics!! Enjoy the new car!!! I love your snowman project! So cute!!

Chic said...

Wow, i love your phtos. Id love to know what kind of camera you have!!!

Naomi said...

Love the pictures, daughters are cute...and I love the trees blooming...I would be somewhat miserable with the pollen..having trouble here in Colorado already and we are not even in official spring yet...Thanks for sharing!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

LOVE your new ride--and your girls are just beautiful! Great pics of them! BEAUTIFUL!!!

ps...love your snowman project--funny to think of snow right now with Spring flowers/buds on trees/etc.!! LOVE it though:)

Kristie Maynard said...

What gorgeous pictures of your beautiful girls. Really lovely!
Love your project, it is just adorable! TFS!

Jodi said...

Nice ride!!! Your girls are such cuties!!! The boys are going to be knocking your door down!!! I am so jealous that your trees are blooming! It's been so cold and gloomy here that we hardly have green grass yet.

Melissa said...

Your girls have grown up to be beautiful young ladies!