Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun beach bag

Good morning! I thought I'd reshare this awesome fun bag with you today.
Fun Beach Bag
Designer- Kristen Swain

fabric- Cosmo Cricket, scrap of canvas
buttons- craft supplies - to match fabric
thread/sewing needle
ribbon- may arts
sewing machine/thread
Glue Arts Fabric Bond
optional- iron
safety pin

tip- You can easily personalize this bag with a sharpie marker and write a name on the canvas tag.

1. Take two fabrics measuring 11x18 inches, put facing sides together and stitch a 5/8 " seam down both sides and bottom.

2. Fold over top of fabric 2 inches, then cut small hole in center point of one side of bag. Stitch folded fabric edge down.

3. Using ribbon and safety pin, thread ribbon through hemmed part, this will become your pull string to close bag. Knot both sides of ribbon.

4. Turn bag inside out, handstitch ribbon in upside down V shape to become shoulder straps.

 5. Using a scrap of canvas, stitch around edges with sewing machine. Then use Glue Arts Fabric bond to adhere patch of canvas to front of bag.
6. Create yo-yo from scrap of fabric, then adhere to canvas with Glue Arts Fabric bond. Also stitch on matching buttons to middle of yo-yo and along canvas as well.

thanks for popping in today! Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!


Jess said...

A simple but adorable bag! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Kelly Massman said...

Love the bright colors on your fun bag!

Court said...

I saw this on the Glue Arts blog. It's great! :)

craftymom205 said...

Love the bag.