Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tote bag with Glue Arts

September is also National Sewing Month.

Maybe they planned it that way knowing the kids were back in school and chances are if you're going to tackle a sewing project...you might have a little more time on your hands.

Today I'm sharing with you a fun and easy idea (we like those!) using our Fabric Bond Adhesive. Tote bags perfect for back to school, teachers or even a library or dance bag! You can never have enough totes!

Flower Tote Bag
Designer: Kristen Swain

fabric tote bag
Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro
Glue Arts Fabric Bond Adhesive
Fabric Spray Glitter
Button and thread
Craft Glue


Make flowers-

1. Cut fabric into 12x1 inch strips. Also cut a 1.5 inch circle from matching fabric.
2. Twist fabric strip into rope, then using craft glue, adhere in a spiral onto fabric circle, allow to dry.


1. Cut square of fabric to fit tote front, then use Glue Arts Fabric Bond Adhesive and adhere line of adhesive about 1/2 inch from edges, then fold fabric in for a finished look.
2. Adhere another line of Fabric Bond Adhesive along finished edge, and adhere to tote front. Iron over a thin cloth on top of your tote to to make a permanent bond.
3. Cut several leaves from green fabric then place flowers onto tote. I added a line of 5 flowers along the bottom of the tote, then a trio up by the handles of the tote.
4. Adhere flowers with craft glue, cut and tie a 12x1 inch strip of fabric into a bow, add button and stitch bow onto top of tote.
5. Spray the whole tote with fabric spray glitter.


nicole said...

I think tote bagsart is a very creative and fun thing you can do with your daughter. You can still give her something she wants and not spend an arm and a leg.

NanaBeth said...

So pretty-I'd be afraid to use it!