Thursday, April 8, 2010

A different product..

Hello! I promised to share with you all the new stuff I have been using that works a lot like Glimmer Mist, but is a bit cheaper. Now I am not saying, I don't like or want to buy Glimmer Mist or any of the other misters- but there are just so many choices, I have NO idea what to buy. And I'm cheap and don't want to pay shipping costs. :0)

I was already going to buy some of this spray anyway- it's a fabric paint-so I decided to try it on my cards to see how it worked. I don't think the paper warps as much with this compared to the name brand mist I have, but the thicker colors- like the white- come out in splatters, not a fine mist.  I haven't played that much with the white yet, it could be possible to get them to mist. The sliver glitter spray comes out very much like the Maya Mist, the faster you squeeze the pump, the finer the mist. You can get splatters with a slower squeeze. There are other colors, and there is also a gold glitter paint. It takes about 2 hours to dry and comes out kind of cloudy then dries clear. btw- it does work great on fabric and is super glittery!

For me the price and availability were the key points. I bought these at Joanne's on sale for $4.86 a bottle. It's a nice large 4 oz bottle too. And I was already at Joanne's so it wasn't as if I made a special trip there to get these.

On to my project I made. I bought these background stamps also at Joanne's- for $.50 a set on clearance. They are from KI Memories. I used my Martha Stewart stamp inks for the colors, adding only a little bit of Reminisce graph paper for the scrunched paper across the gift wrap, some Bobunny buttons, a little easter clearance ribbon also bought at Joanne's, and mulberry flowers.

if you enlarge my pics you can see the glitter on the card above and the wrap below.

Have a great day!


Kelly Massman said...

These cards are so pretty! Love the colors!

Unknown said...

Lovely spring cards!

Unknown said...

As a ch...ahem, thrifty shopper myself, I love tips like this! Thanks Kris!
Gorgeous cards too, love the color combo!

(-: Heidi

Kelly said...

these turned out so pretty! i love this color combo and for you not being a "purple" gal, these are just the perfect spring card!!