Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentine Banner

I adore these type of banners. They just are such a sweet and cute decor item. I love that you could make this with any theme or embellishment and it would just be fantastic.

So for the Bobunny blog, I made this banner with the Love Bandit line. First I cut the triangles all the same size out of two patterns of paper. I edged each triangle with a border of scallop edged corrugated paper, overlapping it at the point. This added a lot of dimension for me.
Next, I cut a couple more layers of paper, in descending sized triangles, to do this I just slide my piece back to cut off the wider end and cut it there, then traced it and made it the same for each single banner piece.
I cut my last inside triangle piece the same way, only I centered it on the banner piece, leaving an edge around all parts of the triangle.
Then I added hole punches on each both sides of each triangle piece, and tied the banner together with twine. ( you know I love my twine!!) then I tied some Bobunny Dot ribbons on the twine as well.

I used Bobunny letter stickers for the letters of SWEET, adding in all kinds of cutout paper cuties and stickers from the Love Bandit line.

I also added in a bit of buttons and twine, with a little pearl and gems bling just to catch the light.
Hope you like my sweet banner ( dude. sweet. still have that caught in my head) and maybe will feel like trying one for yourself.
Have a great day!



Melanie said...

Kristen, this is sooooo cute!!!!!

isaelle said...

So cute , love your work ! Bravo !