Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pure Birthday Decadence

This weekend my baby girl celebrated her 8th birthday. We did a treasure hunt for her birthday gifts, has her favorite meal- pepperoni pizza, and I made decadent rich cupcakes for her.
Not long ago Bakerella had a dozen mixed varieties she had gotten from a bakery and showcased them on her blog. I thought some of them looked absolutely marvelous and wanted to try them next time I baked. Annalise picked out the butterscotch ganache cupcakes with vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream.
You all know- I stick pretty much with a quick and easy fix on the cake batter, and go homemade with my icing. The ganache was easy to make, simply melting butterscotch chips into some hot heavy cream. Mine was a bit thin, but after tasting it- I was glad for it.
These are super super rich cupcakes- I didn't even care for them the first night- after a day the flavor mellowed out and they were pretty yummy. But I would still go with thinner ganache on them.
Little miss 8 year old loved them and that was all that really matters anyway, but in case you all get a heavy need to make them...
use a yellow cake mix- the secret for wonderful cakes- underbake them a teeny bit- then they won't dry out so much
buttercream- 2 sticks margerine ( butter ends up a little to rich tasting for me) and 1.5 pounds of confectioners sugar, 1 or 2 teaspoons vanilla- real stuff please. Really beat this to have it super fluffy!
ganache- I used about 1/2 cup heavy cream to one entire bag of chips- chocolate, milk chocolate, white or butterscotch. whatev you want to use.


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