Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A bit of mellow

I have been in a mellow frame of mind lately. Though I typically love to work with bright and bold colors, I've been drawn to subtle and simple for the past few weeks. I think my creative side likes to switch it up to keep me going. Last night I worked on these two little cards, they are only note sized, but big impact I think.

Reminisce just came out with some beautiful new lines, and I loved the pear stickers from the Autumn Forest line. The greens are devine and paired- PEARED!! Haha! well with the black and cream I used.

I you want to see how I made the kraft tags, go to the Bobunny blog today and see my step by step instructions.

For great pear- I added some of the diecut stickers that go with the line, along the edges of my black cardstock. I added my tag, popdotted along with the pear popdotted as well. I added two leaf stickers- again- coming from the line, and printed the sentiment which I glued on sideways.

The pearfect card was made with my martha punch, some scrap green paper, two popdotted pears on a popdotted tag, and printing the greeting out as well. I added a tiny little gem as well.
Have a cool and wonderful day! LOL!


Ash said...

Wonderful cards! I really love your style whether it's bright and bold or clean and simple.

Kelly said...

they are 'pearfectly' delish...!!!

love the colors and the fruits- great cards, kris!

~dawne said...

Yes, this is different from your usually bright, but I love it. I also LOVE the digi stamped card you did in your previous post. Very elegant

Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Stunning contrast of colors. I love how there's always a focal point of your cards.

christy b., that's me! said...

Simple and stylish is MY style and this is right on the the colors!