Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flower Power!

I love my girls having cute hair embellishments, but wow- they can be so pricey! And I really cant seem to find colors that match their outfits all the time. BUT if you make your own, there are so many possibilities out there, you can mix and match to create new looks, or go simple to accent one color. Today I'm gonna show you how I made these adorable flower clips- with stuff I simply had laying around the house!!
Annalise looked A.DOR.ABLE with her hair in these messy buns and the flower clips in her hair, she received lots of compliments from her teachers and friends!

First, you need.
flowers- I used the wonderful ones from Bobunny, they have a multitude of sizes- and I already had about 7 million of them here :)
You'll need a hair clip- I used these pressure ones that the girls never wear.
Some DMC floss or thread- something with a little thickness- dont' want these breaking apart.
A button, a clear bobunny worked for me- but you can make it a patterned one, or a coordinating color.
A needle- again - just big enough in the eye for the floss to go through- face it- I just didn't want to bother with seperating the threads.

First I threaded my needle- I used blue thread to match the flowers- again- be creative if it floats your boat.
Going from the largest flower, I threaded the center hole in the flower with the needle, simply stacking the smaller flowers on.

When I got to my top flower, I laced through the button holes, and went back through the center hole again to the back of the flower.

Pull the ends nice and tight- then give them a simple knot- so it's all nice and tight.

Lace the two ends through the open part of the clip.

Then tie your knot onto the middle piece- I didn't use any- but a couple dots of glue can ensure that this flower will never come off the clip- but I just knotted it very tightly and let it be.

Clip off the excess thread.

Decorate as you'd like- I added some pre glued gems to mine- got those at Michaels in a package for $1.99. You can glue on gems, add glitter, maybe even add ribbons to the underneat that would hang down. Be creative- but DANG these are CUTE! so try them if you've got some little ones- or maybe make one for yourself- how pretty they are against a side bun, or bun in the back of your hair- PERFECT for summertime!

have a wonderful day!



Kelly said...

Kris, they turned out great! Since the theme is flowers on bobunny, did you let them see your creative idea?

Love the gems!

AUsome mom said...

Well, how stinkin' cute is THAT?! You are so creative and your daughter looks precious :)

~dawne said...

This is not only too, too cute, but it looks so easy. Wonder if my girls would go for one?

- Brenda - said...

These are super cute and oh so easy - TFS!

Christina the Sassy Scrapper :) said...

Those are adorable and so fun! I can't wait til my daughter is older and has long hair (she'll turn 1 in about 2 weeks) so I can give those a whirl!