Tuesday, February 17, 2009


hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I was typing that today was monday- but yeah- I was thrown off by the holiday so we had a long weekend.
I'm just sharing the items I made for my family this weekend. some super quick and simple cards, and gifts. we kept Valentines small this year.
this is the card I made my hubby- like crazy. just found this scrap piece of paper from WRMK and embossed some devine swirls on some kraft cardstock, punched a heart from some swiss dots paper and added my button and handwriting.
this was Alizabeth's card, the papers are SEI and bobunny, I cut some scallops into the bobunny, added a punched heart and some MAMBI gem letters, ontop of swiss dots embossed paper.

this card was for Annalise, I used some bobunny paper with the SEI stripe, added on the sage cardstock swiss dots embossed paper, and some bobunny sticker letters. I punched the heart from a scrap and added on this MAMBI gem frame.
instead of wasting paper ( think green) by wrapping up some chocolate heart boxes, I added tags over top of the sticker- which you can kinda see here. I used some embossed paper and Bobunny stickers and letters.

I put DH's gift in this bag a black bag I added some embossed paper, some K&Co stickers and some bobunny letters.

lastly I am sharing the ginormous chocolate chip cookie I made. I made my regular recipe of chocolate chip cookies- I've shared it here before. then spread it way out on an airbake cookie sheet, ontop of a piece of parchment paper- you do this and you will never have brown cookie bottoms again ( unless you burn them! LOL)
then I decorated it with my decorator bags, the cookie was lumpy and writing words on it was pretty hard- next time I'll smooth it out better. but the cookie was delicious and we sent some home with Alizabeth's friend- as it was wayyy too big for all of us to eat. I liked that it stayed soft and didn't get crunchy and hard.
looks professional doesn't it- I swear it's homemade!
have a wonderful week!


mariemc said...

Kris, those cards are great and that cookie-cake looks yummy, smooth, or not!!! ;)

AUsome mom said...

Love all the cards, gift and gift bag! That cake is AUsome and looks so yummy!

Card Patterns said...

I like your concept. Make cards & tags from the heart and thinking green. Ooooh.... u gotta send me a piece of that gigantic cookie!

Sherry Wright said...

Wow, great creations and yum.. that cookie looks amazing!

Katie said...

Wow! Look at that cookie!! It is beautiful! Love all of your cards too!